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How should I prepare for an SAP Interview? – SAP Interview Tips

2018-08-06 15:03
How should I prepare for an SAP Interview? – SAP Interview Tips
SAP is one of the more highly paid and therefore competitive areas of specialisation within IT. With SAP careers offering well-paid and rewarding work to those with the technical ability, it’s no wonder the field is becoming increasingly saturated with talent.

Since there are more candidates than ever, it’s never been more crucial to stand out in an interview. Whilst many articles will give you tips for what to do in the interview itself, we are going to help you with what we feel is the most important stage, and often the most neglected: the research and preparation for the interview. This guide will give you some SAP interview tips for how to prepare for SAP interview questions and ultimately, how to do well in an SAP interview.

Research and Preparation are key. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

1) Research the Job – The first stage of your interview preparation should be researching the SAP job in detail. Make sure you have a detailed job description, including details of the exact SAP skills and experience that are required. What daily tasks will you be expected to perform? As well as the hard requirements, you should also make sure you fully understand the soft-skills requirements and other details such as the work environment and future prospects of the job. The more detail you have, the more you can prepare for likely questions around these points.
You may be able to get additional information from your recruitment agency or find a more detailed job spec on the clients’ website. You could also use LinkedIn to search for those in similar positions at the company (to see what they describe as their main SAP responsibilities/tasks).

2) Research the company – The next stage of your interview preparation should be researching the company itself. You should want to know the key details about a potential employer (for your own benefit), but also because you may be asked what you know about the company during your interview (an interviewer often asks such questions, to see how well you have researched and prepared – to check that you are diligent!).
You should know the basics about the company you are applying for, such as its Mission Statement, products/services, clients and competitors etc.. A lack of such knowledge will imply you are not actually interested in the company, so it is essential to spend time researching the company. Visit their website, of course, talk to anyone you know who works at the company, read press releases, and check out what previous employees have to say about them on sites like Glassdoor.
Make sure you also find out the specifics about the client’s SAP landscape, which SAP modules are implemented, which version of SAP they are running (are they on S/4HANA? – If not when are they planning to move over etc.). Researching the client specifics will help you prepare for giving tailored answers and details during the interview.