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I look forward to hearing from you and God Bless. My hair is African American nat ural meaning no relaxer chemicals and this stuff holds my edges in place all day. I will be buying more and wish you continued success and blessings". It doesn’t only come in a huge tub (16oz for a regular, FYI) to last you a long time, it also comes with important benefits like a strong hold and frizz-smoothing capabilities thanks to its key ingredient—argan oil. I received the products the day before I was to get my hair done so I didn't use it right away. 49 reviews. I am a VERY satisfied customer, and actually jus' posted a picture of my hair on my Facebook page (and I've never ever done this). A little expensive but worth it. I do not understand the hype behind this product at all. Pretty good stuff, don't leave any flakes or white residue, my daughter loves it! Easily rinses out. Choose from our 2 oz & 4 oz options! 3. When I pick this up it really controls my edges and slicks them down better than allot of other products. They work great on my hair texture. I have tried them all, and this is the best hands down. Unruly hair is a thing of the past. Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2017. The best edge control thats out and Ive tried mostly all of them! Awesome edge control! And you don't even have to apply more edge control just a little water. Hicks edges vs. olive oil edge control by biglez1704 2 years ago 3,412 views Hick's edges reviews by prettipoison27 1 year ago 3,126 Hicks edges vs. monkey brains hair pomade by … 4.3 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews. Anyone saying otherwise is lying. 8. $14.38. "Greetings, I just found out about and purchased you Hicks Edges today and OMG this is one of the best products I've ever purchased!! Nevertheless, I read the instructions washed my hair and the next day before work as I got out the Hicks edges and started smoothing it on I almost broke out in tears. I have tried every product on the market but yours has been a GOD SEND. Olive Oil Edge Control ($6.00); Olive Oil Organic root stimulator slicks and holds down those stubborn edges while adding shine and moisture to the hair. I love this stuff. Dr. Miracle’s Edge Holding Gel with Jojoba Oil. I love this edge control. Purchase Push Pom at Esty.com. I am looking forward to use all your hair products for my blessed hair thank you ... "I just had to send an email to you to let you know that I believe that your product Hicks edges is literally off the charts. I will purchase a jar from my beauty supply store now that it is opened and compare and update you guys, Its legit and came fast but i dont like it, Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2017, The product doesn't seem as firm as it used to be. I love everything that encourages love, growth and mental and spiritual health. Thank God for answered prayer seriously. What can I say I JUST PLAIN LOVE IT.". I use to wear flowers to cover up the side of my head where my edges were really bad but now I no longer have to camouflage my head with flowers. This stuff is hair crack! Thank you for being unselfish with your dream". Some edge control products look like lotion. Luster's Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Moisturizing Hair Milk - 12 fl oz. My favorite Gel ! I pretty much have to wash this out every night. I am nearly out of the 4 FL. I found it and then the word edges stuck out to me. Columbia, MO is the 4th largest urban city in the state of MO after Kansas City, St. Louis & Springfield, MO. It works fine, but then it just gets greasy looking and doesnt hold up much. applying a scarf does not work either. Write a review. Purchase your Hicks pomade at amazon.com. Rated 5 out of 5 by Tionna12 from This may be the edge control for you I have 4c hair and this product works better than other edge controls I’ve tried. After seeing how flawlessly it held after a full day of competitive cheer and had absolutely no flaking or caking, we were fully converted. Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control, $4.99 The Score: Low 7/7.5 This non-sticky, non-greasy gel-like formula adds shine and subtle hold on most hair types, but if you need it … It would be okay (to me) for it to be fake product but a true twin of the real thing but it is not. 1. Hick's Total Transformations - We pride ourselves in having some of the best hair care products on the market. I have the most coarse hair and I refuse to wear a scarf because it gives me head aches. A little goes a long way! I am home all day, no physical activity, no sweating and this product still does not hold. I'm always stuck between this and Keracare. Eco Styler. No longer do I have to press my edges with a hot comb everyday, or smother it with dark hair gel. So I purchased "Hicks Edges" and was BLESSED from the GOOD GOD ABOVE to have found this product after 7 LONG years of searching. This hair product was a game changer for me! great product. *We do not Express Ship edge control d I took notice of the hair demostration at the Women's Empowerent in Raleigh NC, and was BASICALLY SOLD! 4. Especially one that is greasy and does not hold. Hicks Total TRANSFORMATIONS, Hicks Edges holds hair firmly in place with a super shine and without flakiness. Straightens hair without the use of chemicals Edges are smooth and firmly held in place Great for controlling tapered cuts Softens and adds shine Promotes hair growth Hicks Edges Pomade features a non-flaky, non-sticky formula that holds the hair and edges firmly in place for a shiny, healthy appearance. Does a fantastic job of smoothing down my hair and keeping it in place. I had to unfortunately and unexpectedly relocate and I am residing in Columbia, MO. The is the best edge control we have found. Especially the Hicks Edges!!!! Is Hicks Edges Worth The Cost?-- Review + Demo Erika Marie. See all 35 - All listings for this product. My gel slays my edges better and I don't need to lay down a scarf to hold it down. What do you have for thinning hair? I was introduced to the Edges pomade by the owner of Seans Braids in Indianapolis, IN a few months ago. This edge control gel for coarse 4C hair is highly recommended. This product used to be made so well but now I don't know I guess they changed the formula and I'll be sticking to kera care edge control from here on out. Highly recommended for all types of hair, this super holding power pomade leaves hair silky smooth with no flaking. ", "Its the HICKS EDGES I like. "This is the most wonderful product I have ever tried!!! Once applied, it gives the hair a slicked down and shiny appearance. I was at the beauty supply store a few weeks ago and I was looking for something else. Leaves edges looking and feeling shinier and healthier than before. #2 - Ebin 24 Hour Edge Tamer Extreme Firm Hold HICKS Edges Hair Edge Control Pomade. I LOVE IT! Hicks Edges($15.00); topping our list at number one is Hicks Edges, we live for this edge control. I will try buying directly from Hicks Amazon store next time. It's the absolute best edge control I have yet to try, I definitely recommend it! Also, as a gospel singer, I no longer have to "BE ON EDGE" (no pun intended) while performing on stage. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pretty.g.angie, Product review: hicks edges by divadeanna22 3 years ago 12,714 views By lusciousdivaa 3 years ago 3,713 views Doesn't get sticky, or chalk/waxy and doesn't cause excessive oiliness or shine.

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