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Prior to joining Clio in 2018, he was creative editor at Adweek. 2019. Change ). Sometimes commercials are the best part of TV. Halo Top has a pretty twisted sense of humor. Tags. Tagged with 72andSunny New York, Halo Top, Halo Top Creamery, Ice Cream, Ice Cream For Adults, Nick Viall. "We're excited to bring this concept to life and feel like it's a great way to demonstrate that Halo Top is exactly what adults have been waiting for—delicious ice cream with around 300 calories per pint. Brand stays off kilter in first foray beyond digital. Halo Top Ice Cream for Adults … Halo Top ice cream is a lower calorie alternative to traditional ice cream. Tim Nudd is editor in chief of the Clio Awards and founding editor of Muse by Clio. Filed under Uncategorized But we wanted to make our Keto and dairy-free friends just as happy, so we made a Keto Series with only 5g-10g carbs per pint and added dairy-free flavors made with … … We learned this in 2017 when the low-calorie ice cream brand rolled out a seriously twisted online commercial, "Eat the Ice Cream," where … But do you, the adult, identify with the girl's mother in that ad, who represents the customer for this product? Although … ... Halo Top: Morgage - Ice Cream for Adults . Halo Top isn't the only low-calorie, protein-based ice cream on the market, but it's social media ubiquity makes it feel like a one-of-a-kind product. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Description. In fact, we love it so much that we created a line of light ice creams with 280-380 calories per pint just so we could eat more of it. Halo Top is light ice cream that actually tastes like ice cream. He hasn't been very lucky in love—which helps introduce the Halo Top premise.Â, To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that The growing popularity of ‘healthy’ ice cream is in part down to the rise of one brand, Halo Top, whose low-calorie, high protein tubs have been flying off the shelf since 2016. It consists of 1 video and 1 image. From working a job you hate to paying for a mortgage you can’t afford, adult life ain’t all that. One spot features Nick Viall, who starred as the Bachelor after finishing second in two consecutive seasons of The Bachelorette. Which sounds silly, but when Halo Top first found its way into grocery store freezers, boasting fewer calories, less sugar, and higher protein than traditional ice cream, it became the first of its kind and created an entirely new category in ice cream. Its first TV ads ever, by 72andSunny New York, are built around a fun insight—that it's not kids but grownups who really need ice cream, to assuage the indignities of modern adult life as well as the terrors of mortality.Â, Sound harsh? About joshw2434 year old guy. Halo Top: Work - Ice Cream for Adults . The deadpan delivery of the Halo Top man is just pitch-perfect. Halo Top: Love - Ice Cream for Adults . Halo Top made headlines this month when it became the best-selling pint of ice cream in the country, surpassing top brands like Ben & Jerry's. The company is famous for its low-calorie, high-protein and low-sugar ice cream! We learned this in 2017 when the low-calorie ice cream brand rolled out a seriously twisted online commercial, "Eat the Ice Cream," where an older woman was kidnapped by robots who killed her loved ones and forced to consume ice cream against her will.Â, Now, Halo Top is bringing its dark side to television. He was a fan of Mike Diva, the Lord Danger creative director/director who conceived "Eat the Ice Cream." But in the summer of 2017, Halo Top, the ‘healthy’ ice cream brand, became the number-one selling pint of ice cream in the US. See Full Campaign . It’s been dystopian and bleak…but it’s also been critically acclaimed. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Flexible pricing. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things. Film advertisement created by 72andSunny, United States for Halo Top, within the category: Food. But then the Halo Top man tears down those kids’ hopes with the depressing realities of adult life. “Ice Cream for Adults” will run on broadcast, print, digital and social channels beginning March 5 and on through the summer. Halo Top's First National TV Campaign Stars Unlucky In Love Bachelor Alum Nick Viall The only thing that will get you ice cream: "Realizing that love is an illusion and we all die alone." Halo Top has garnered a lot of notoriety in recent years for its unconventional advertising. Also From This Campaign 4. This piece is part of a campaign called 'Ice Cream for Adults' that consists of 2 elements. Sign up for the daily Museletter for the latest ad campaigns and the stories behind them. Every gallon of its product is filled with all-natural … Since then, the brand has gone on to enjoy steady sales growth, and … ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Looking for some inspiration for your next CPG marketing campaign? It consists of 1 video and 1 image. Halo Top is keeping kids away from its ice cream in its first national TV campaign declaring that the low-calorie, high-protein product is "ice cream for adults." Halo Top Swiping Campaign: Ice Cream for Adults. This piece is part of a campaign called 'Ice Cream for Adults' that consists of 2 elements. So, good, don't give it to a child. The darkly comic message is delivered with deadpan comic skill by Halo Top's ice cream man in a series of four spots, directed by Tim Godsall of Anonymous Content.Â, The campaign breaks Tuesday night on The Bachelor. Like you, we love ice cream. 2019. The Halo Top 'Ice Cream for Adults' commercial was explained in a statement from that brand that said, "From mortgages, to awkward online dating, to accidentally hitting ‘reply all’ on a work email, Halo Top understands that adulting can be complicated, but ice cream shouldn’t be.” Plus, The Bachelor fans might appreciate former contestant Nick Viall in the “Love” spot. Their “Ice Cream For Adults” campaign was one of my favorites from 2019. No, this is not a joke! Tags. That McDonald’s Commercial With Donut Sticks And “The Middle”, commercialsociety.wordpress.com/2020/11/30/the…, commercialsociety.wordpress.com/2020/11/26/lib…, commercialsociety.wordpress.com/2020/11/23/tha…, commercialsociety.wordpress.com/2020/11/20/the…, commercialsociety.wordpress.com/2020/11/19/thi…, There's A New Version Of That Classic Hershey's Kisses Christmas Commercial, Liberty Mutual Brings The Nostalgia In Its Sarcastic Christmas Ad, That HP Commercial With A "You Get What You Give" Cover, This Chipper Mobster Loves Honey Nut Cheerios. Film United States Food Halo Top 72andSunny. Categories Women Men Young Adult Kids Shoes Baby Home Patio & Garden Furniture Kitchen & Dining Toys Electronics Video Games Movies, ... Halo Top : Ice Cream & Frozen Dairy Desserts . See Full Campaign . supports HTML5 video, Three other commercials explore other travails of the adult experience—mortgages, online dating and terrible jobs.Â, "We created Halo Top to be able to eat ice cream as much as we wanted and I believe everyone can relate to the need for ice cream after a rough day," Justin Woolverton, CEO and founder of Halo Top, said in a statement. Halo Top was founded in 2011 by Justin Woolverton. Halo Top has a pretty twisted sense of humor. "Â, Woolverton himself has been a driver behind the brand's offbeat approach to advertising. Halo Top: Swiping - Ice Cream for Adults . Woolverton told Diva that Halo Top had enough commercials that explain why Halo Top is awesome—and that he wanted something that would grab people's attention. Halo Top Ice Cream for Adults … 2019. Halo Top Creamery is an ice cream company and brand sold in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Taiwan, South Korea, Austria, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Halo Top has been the sweet treat of choice for those seeking healthier variations of ice cream since 2017, the year Halo Top beat out industry giants like Ben & Jerry’s for the spot of No. This campaign, created by 72andSunny New York, might just be my favorite of the year so far. Description. For the uninitiated, the company sells healthy ice cream. Halo Top: Love - Ice Cream for Adults . 2019. March 5, 2019 Shop today to find Ice Cream & Frozen Dairy Desserts at incredible prices. Halo Top Is 'Ice Cream for Adults,' and So Are Its Hilariously Bleak New TV Commercials, Lady Gaga and Oreo Team Up for Musical Messages of Kindness—and Cookies, Satan and 2020 Are Dating in Ryan Reynolds' Diabolical Ad for Match, 14 Celebs Blow Their Gathering Horns for World of Warcraft, Halo Top Dances Into Summer With Slammin' Spot from Deloitte's Heat. Halo Top has pretty much conquered the ice cream business. To advertise a sugar free ice cream it would be way smarter to say something like “your kid will cry 400 times per day, but with our ice cream you don’t have to feel bad about taking the lazy route to make them feel better, give them ice cream all the time”. Film advertisement created by 72andSunny, United States for Halo Top, within the … Entrant Company 72andSunny Medium Film Technique (Copywriting) ... Product/Service and the category: Copywriting. NEW YORK. Credits. Halo Top Is Ice Cream For Adults In This Depressingly Hilarious Campaign March 5, 2019 Leave a comment I love these commercials from Halo Top Creamery’s first national TV campaign. The brand is marketed as a lower-calorie alternative, partially …

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