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This is particularly important if you’re spider rigging or slow trolling. Part of what makes jigs so great is that there are different styles to match almost any condition you might encounter. When I first dropped this 2.5 inch swimbait in the water, I was amazed at the action! Minnows, minnows, and minnows. We’re going to make it easier. All jigs are not created equal. In all honesty, it doesn’t get better than this. bragging gallery. The spawning time for crappie can last from two weeks to six weeks depending on the size of the lake. I don’t like the flimsy styrofoam lids flopping around in the boat. The warming spring water temperatures triggers a feed-a-thon amongst fish. Really, any time the crappie bite is good, some jig configuration is typically your best bet. There are videos readily available online to show you how to tie this setup. It will go along way in helping you find these large schools of crappies and at what depth they are hanging around. It’s best not to involve the hassle of a minnow when a jig is doing just fine on its own. Some crappie drop-shotters rig leaders with two, three, or more baits, which works well when trying to pinpoint schools of suspended fish—especially on creek-channel ledges near deep humps. St.Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods – Sensitivity Is The Name Of The Game. 13 Fishing Spinning Reels | Best Bang For Your Buck! Recently I picked up some Jokers, Shadpoles, and Slabalicious Mr Crappie baits to try out this spring. the midnight collection. Once the minnow sinks just below the surface, it’s hard for crappie to resist. It should be noted that this product has been made to the high quality using the high-quality material. Easier to detect subtle bites. In open water, when the crappie are often deeper than 10 feet, you can get away with shorter rods. Jig head choice is sometimes equally as important as the jig body you choose. Top Three Crappie Baits. You can’t go wrong with a thin wire aberdeen style hook that’s sized appropriately for the bait you’re using. Just be sure to use a lighter jig head on the top. To keep my bait well oxygenated, I use both battery powered aerators and my boat’s baitwell. SPRING FORWARD FOR CRAPPIE – April 2020. These are my favorite methods, and some of the most productive ways, to fish a minnow for crappie. Crappie are much more aggressive at this time, and you can sometimes get away with using more vibrant colors than normal. And, while you’re at it, you can use the jig head as an option for using another color. 1/32 or 1/64 weighted jigs can work well at times. Until I dial in to what the fish want, one of those baits is usually a jig minnow combination. | The Simple Way To Fly Fish! Jigs are the quintessential crappie bait. With hair jigs you also won’t have the hassle of the jig body sliding down onto the hook after a missed strike. The murkier the water is, the shallower the fish will be. I believe the 2 primary factors of which color you should choose are 1. use a color that matches what crappie are actively feeding on and 2. use a color combination that makes the jig stand out in the color water you are fishing, while still looking natural. Minnows catch crappie at all times, but as the fish get more lethargic, that’s when minnows really help you get more bites. Most crappie anglers use straight tail and tube-type baits for vertical fishing. During the post-spawn, you will want to try various rigs and depths to get these crappies to eat. Cast your jig into reedy areas and slowly reel them back in making sure your rod tip is kept high. But certain lures are odds-on winners with long and proven track records to stake their claims. Crappies have large eyes and vision plays a big role in their feeding. You will find them around deeply sunken trees and logs, rock piles, and creek channels with drop-offs and ledges. Also, in rougher windy conditions I’ll go to 1/8 ounce so I can feel what’s going on with the jig. They become elusive, and most anglers don’t both fishing for them until the fall. Thirdly, crappie are much more aggressive during the spawn, so brighter colors can work to your advantage at this time, even if they don’t necessarily look “natural”. Once the spring crappie angler is set for a location and has decided on the correct bait and gear, counting down a jig at an average rate of one foot per second when fishing deep cover like stumps trees and brush is helpful give them an idea of how deep they are fishing when a bite is detected. With all that said, I use hollow tubes more often because of the following reason. The black crappie prefers larger, more acidic lakes, and are more predominate in the Northern states, and up into Canada. Beetle spins are a fast and easy bait to use when you are looking for the areas that the spring crappies will be. This is particularly true in the dead of summer, or the middle of winter when the fish are sluggish. Also, trolling small crankbaits for crappie is a “thing” in the Deep South. Weather you fish for Crappie, Bluegills or Walleye, we truly feel jigs are one of the top baits for catching all species of fish. ... Talk to local guides and bait shop owners. 2" crappie slayers - chartreuse. Spring into Crappie Fishing. Grab some live minnows and start experiment with different depths until you find the right combination. lots of bright color crappie jigs. You can also use bobbers to cover an area by dragging minnows slowly along, while suspended under the float. During the pre-spawn early spring, you will find crappies in the shallow weedy areas of the lake where they get the most oxygen. Spring Crappie Fishing – In the spring the crappie will be moving out of the deeper parts of the water and head back in towards the shore so, they can be found in the moderate to shallow waters. The areas that the crappies will be migrating to will be not only shallow areas but the areas with a lot of sediment and algae which you will find in the northern bay areas. Crappie Pro® Creek Chub; Gene Larew® ... 3 Best Spring Bass Baits; 3 Best Spring Bass Baits. Any deeper than 8 feet, and I’m considering moving to 1/8 ounce jig heads. Click on a star to rate it! The modern bass angler’s lure choices are endless, too, in spring. But, that’s OK as they work just fine for me. After 25 years of guiding for crappie on Roosevelt, Art Chamberlin can tell you just when the crappie will spawn. Not all jig heads are created equal. For ponds, I prefer to fish with tube baits if I can. Speaking of buckets, use either a styrofoam bucket, or a styrofoam lined bucket. ... creature baits. No matter what you think about this strange option, I’m telling you, it works more often than not. Another effective variation, is to slide a crappie tube onto the hook before hooking the minnow. One of the best crappie baits for stained water is a jig tipped with a minnow. Spring is the most productive, with fall running a close second. It’s best to have 2 or 3 weights to choose from, so that you can adapt to current conditions. The size of the exposed hook doesn’t seem to generally dissuade crappie from biting. Floats for Crappie Baits and Jigs If you plan to troll, the best way to hook a minnow is through the lips, as close to the tip as you can without them falling off. If the water is clear crappies will make their nests in water that is 3 to 6 feet deep. A lot of it comes down to personal preference. Pre-spawn. There isn’t anything wrong with crappie fishing guide Brad Whitehead’s boat, but he sure gets lots of strange looks. Minners! Cory is a content writer-editor for websites that he owns about various topics such as living off the grid, portable generators, internet marketing, fishing, and sports. Fishing more than 2 depths at a time will help you hone in to their preferred depth more quickly. Besides affecting the “feel” for what’s going on at the end of your line, different weights also change the fall rate of the lure. But, I’ve also had great success with them while single poling. There’s actually some truth to that statement. Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – 8 Tips That Will Get You More Bass! Tying Ice Fishing Jigs – Knot As Hard As You Think, Clam Ice Fishing Clothing – Beat The Cold In Clam. KastKing Speed Demon Pro | Let Your Demon Loose! So, beware of unproven color combinations. 1) Southern Pro 541Piece Pro Crappie Tube Kit. Branching away from chartreuse, other good color options for crappie are white, pink, yellow, green, black, red and blue. Tactics morph gradually for spring crappies. Whether it’s crappie nibbles, slab sauce, or something else, I almost always add an attractant. An excellent way to find where those crappies are is if you have a kayak take it out on the lake and navigate the shoreline areas. Just before spawning (when the water hits about 48-51 degrees), they move into shallower water and feed aggressively. But once you find the right combination, you can catch crappie all day long! friday-monday enter code thanks20 for 15% off on top of the sale going on . Fish near brush piles and wood structures that are closer to shore. Below are the reasons I have jigs as my #1 bait. Spring – Fish In The Shallows. The spring crappie spawning period offers the best opportunity to catch fish shallow, but fishing can be spotty at times. I often carry more than one minnow bucket. I’ll try to post a separate review of the Mr. Crappie lineup at a later date, once I’ve had more time with them. Get it right in front of their mouths. After crappies have spawned, it becomes more difficult to find and catch these fish. Minnows will often just slow you down during a hot bite. Jigging is especially effective in the spring when crappies tend to congregate in large schools — enabling you to send a jig into the middle for an almost guaranteed bite. They will be headed to their spawning areas as soon as the water temperatures warm which is about 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the ice starts leaving the lakes. Generally speaking, you will want to use bigger minnows during the pre-spawn, and move to smaller minnows in the summer. Good question, and here are my thoughts. Another intriguing option for scent is tipping your jigs with wax worms. Like most fishing, it’s best to always have multiple options at your disposal. Experiment with increasing the size of jig to see if maybe you can encourage larger crappie to bite or consider adding a spinner to your favorite jig … I’m a spider rigger at heart, so that’s when I’m most often using minnow tipped jigs. Because if you find the schools of fish but don’t know how deep they are, you might be presenting your bait wrong to them and not catch anything. Minnows will swim around and wrap you up. 16 Proven Spinners, Hardbaits, Jigs, and Soft-Plastic Lures for Crappie Fishing. Hook the minnow through its bottom lip and out the top lip. That’s why I like jigs with slightly larger hooks. They are going after the big meals now which is bait fish like minnows. If crappie are eating bugs off the surface then a small floating bait is a great option to catch small crappie. Just hold the rod still and let the minnow do the work. The size, buoyancy, movement, and scent of your jig, to name a few, are all impacted. This presentation may look strange, and would seem to be unnatural. They have loads of information available from hardcore crappie fishermen from all over. I presume these are just fine on lakes that don’t hold large crappie. This setup is one of my favorite baits for stained water crappie in particular. … Change baits – A jig tipped with a minnow is often the preferred bait for crappies during the spring, but a wider variety of baits are needed for summer crappies. Crappie can be caught with several techniques, from a simple jig or live bait presentation all the way to the advanced trolling and jigging methods used by the pros. The process unfolds over decades. Because I have so much confidence in this setup, I almost always give it a try. Speaking of bobbers, my preference is a slip cork. Jigs won’t hang up as bad in thick cover. During springtime, crappies are usually spawning in the shallows, so anyone can cast their baits and capture them. How useful was this post? Here we’ve collected five of the best baits for crappie that any aspiring crappie angler should add to their gear. Top Three Crappie Baits. Crappie follow bait. Fall sees crappie at their most aggressive and keen to take lures sitting in the upper part of the water column. SA Fishing Face Shields – A Chapped Face Is Not an Option! 5. Really, any time the crappie bite is good, some jig configuration is typically your best bet. Crappie are among the most popular and abundant gamefish across North America (not to mention some of the tastiest!) . The best types of lures to use during the spawn time is spinning baits and small micro jigs using 4-pound test. If you like this article, check out my article about the Best Baits For Bluegill. Casting this bait over brush piles or tall grass and then slowly retrieving it will produce a lot of action that these big crappie can not resist in the spring. When the hot-stove league of baseball is heating up and spring training begins, the crappie fishing and the interest for it is beginning to heat up as well. In my opinion, sickle-style hooks are the best option. I will say, there is one bait that’s guaranteed to catch fish, or die trying. Immediately following ice-out you'll find crappie in and around protected, shallow water. Of course, that’s assuming the bite isn’t on fire. Kyle Peterson shows us a cool springtime crappie technique where a "new school" cane pole is almost a must to get a bait in their face, and just as importantly, pull them from the dense cover. This way, I’m not having to replace scent every time my jig is bumped by a fish. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You will want to focus your attention on catching the males of the species during the post-spawn. Cannon Magnum 10 STX Electric Downrigger – Troll Like a Pro! Fly Fishing Bream – Where and When To Catch Bream? I like to stuff this cavity with. And, the most popular shape is the simple round head. For winter fishing, I found this bait was tremendously effective vertically jigged as well. Fortunately, crappie anglers can borrow an old technique and adapt it to a new species. If I’m fishing where I think I’m going to constantly get hung up, I might opt for a jig head with a smaller wire hook. Those guys spent a lot of time getting the specifications of that rig just perfect, so that’s what I’d try to replicate. 10 per pack quick view. Crappie jigs are especially effective during the spawn when fish are shallow. I always let the fish tell me if they want the jig tipped with a minnow or not. Crappies flood shallow water cover like bullrush beds, laydowns and brush piles once spring water temps push the 60 … This presentation may look strange, and would seem to be unnatural. Jigs are better when the bite is hot. To do so, simply follow the 3 rules below. Once you find where the crappies are at you can switch to a jig and slip bobber or a hook minnow and slip bobber, whatever your preferred method of crappie fishing might be. Garmin Striker 4 Review – Mark Those Hot Fishing Spots with Ease! The tackle needed when spider rigging open water post-spawn crappie consists of your crappie rod holders, long crappie rods. Pairing these light-colored jigs with tubes or plastic curly tails of the same colors help capture crappies during the spawn as well. Tenkara USA Iwana – Conquer Any Size Stream. There are many reasons jigs are commonly found at the top of anyone’s list of best crappie baits.

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