latin abbreviations in german church records

This is Part 2 of German Church Record Basics - Latin Records. - [Latin] descessit sine prole; died without issue; d.s.p.m. Proximo (often abbreviated “prox.”): Proximo refers to something that will occur next month. ALBAN m German, French, Albanian, English (Rare) From the Roman cognomen Albanus, which meant "from Alba".Alba (from Latin albus "white") was the name of various places within the Roman Empire, including the city Alba Longa. I have been trying for months to translate a particular latin word in a marriage register from Uberlingen, Germany from 1801. In some cases these Latin terms require the help of a Latin scholar, but in many cases a quick translation will at least help us to understand what the record is telling us. Seen in the place where an occupation would normally be, before a name. poll used in early tax records denoting a taxable person; person eligible to vote. Our Genealogy Latin Dictionary helps you navigate all those unfamiliar terms. I find that the Latin word "levante" means "east". 8. Church Records: Sometimes church records for German churches in America will give the place of birth of immigrant parents in the baptismal records of their children, or in the marriage record of the immigrant(s) if the couple was married after arriving in the US. This is one of the Latin abbreviations frequently used in German documents. Find these records first in local churches, where they are usually kept chronologically in parish registries. - minister m-in-l - mother-in-law MLG - Middle Low German MLW - Military Land Warrant MM - abbreviation for Monthly Meeting of Society of Friends (Quakers) m.o. Common Illnesses a. Latin Death (Mortus) Record. Includes sections on terms found in records, illnesses, and occupations - all translated to Latin, English, and Danish and shown in original German script. liu͡t. – “männlich” (masculine, male). see also: Abbreviations of Languages. Hi Matt,Great post! I previously asked about this record in Reading Latin date description in 18th century German church record? For further help, use a Latin-English dictionary. 13. weil. Name of Deceased b. Date/Time of Death and of Burial c. Place of Birth of Deceased d. Age of Deceased e. Relationship Status of Deceased f. Cause of Death 13. I asked Katherine to transcribe and translate a baptismal record written in Old German script from 1828 about my Great, Great Grandfather. The first step in extracting information from the old church records is to understand the columns of data on the pages. 1712. = sine prole; without offspring May also refer in parish chest materials to Smoke-penny= one of the dues once payable at Eastertime to the incumbent of a parish by his parishion… This can also be abbreviated “evan.” Along the same lines, “kath.” stands for “katholisch” (Catholic). German Marriage (Ehe) Record. Jump to: navigation, search. Below, I’ve compiled a list for you of some of the most common genealogical abbreviations and their meanings: 3. b.v. –  “beide von” (both from). Now I am curious about an abbreviation that repeats frequently in this recordset, namely the descriptor preceding the name Jacob Gassmann. Adresse address a.f. 19 Most Common Abbreviations in German Genealogy. Haus Nro. Short intro followed by lists of abbreviations for Latin terms found in church records. before their given & surname. Frustrated with all those German abbreviations? –  “weiland” (deceased or the late). Additions and corrections are always welcome. In the early records, the column headings are also handwritten. It's also not out of the realm of possibility for Catholic Church records to be found in the collections of civil archives, universities or historical societies. - easily I can't find anything for lenante. The two most valuable are records of the sacraments of baptism and marriage.Baptismal records include the date of baptism, child's full name, parents' names (and mother's maiden name), names of godparents (sponsors), and signature of the priest. Irish Catholic parish register entries were recorded in either English or Latin. Use the FamilySearch catalog to see what records the Family History Library in Salt Lake City might have for your ancestors. Scribal abbreviations or sigla (singular: siglum) are the abbreviations used by ancient and medieval scribes writing in various languages, including Latin, Greek, Old English and Old Norse.In modern manuscript editing (substantive and mechanical) "sigla" are the symbols used to indicate the source manuscript (e.g. Brandenburg, Germany, Transcripts of Church Records, 1700-1874 at Ancestry/requires payment. – “eodem” (the same). German church books can be a gold mine of information for family historians. 25.12.1924” (December 25, 1924). Many church records and legal documents include Latin terms that are not used in our everyday speech. [The original link is broken. See the Latin Word List (34077). Latin was the main written language of Europe throughout the Middle Ages, despite the fact that most people used some other language in their daily life.Records surviving from this era remain of interest to many but some, such as church registers, remain untranslated, therefore a knowledge of the Latin form of common English names remains invaluable for genealogists. b. 9. männl. Author’s Note: If you want help with abbreviations and more tricky handwriting obstacles, join our Premium group – weekly access to live “office hours” where you can ask Katherine your transcription and translation questions – and get immediate answers. Much of his time was spent on board the attack cargo ship, the USS Skagit (AKA 105). A Couple of Tricks to Find All Ancestors in a Give... Latin Birth/Baptismal (Natus/Baptizatus) Record, ejusdem - same month as the previous entry, nullo detecto impedimento - see no impediment to their marriage, Adolescentes - young person, likely a teenager, defuncti/defuncta - deceased, followed by, relictus/relicta - male and female versions, extreme unction - last rites/anointing of the sick, Vagabunda et pauper - vagabond and pauper. = videlicet; namely cum cont.= with a sermon dom.=dominus (-a); lord or sir (lady or dame) fil.=filius (-a)= son (daughter) fil.pop= filius(-a) populi or filius (a) vulgi; bastard son or daughter of a harlot in com.=in comitatu; in the county (of) libre = book lic.=per licentiam;by licence nupt.=nupti fuerunt; were married ob. If you continue to use our site, we will assume that you agree to our terms. English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Latin. See above. Decipher Germanic Records by Edna M Bentz Detailed overview how to interpret old German script as it evolved over several centuries. Example of German Church Record with translation: Translation 1. Your post is very interesting! (abbreviation) power of attorney. Chuck, on Translation of Grandmother's Diary, Professor Thomas Ertl, University of Vienna Historian and Professor, Mike, on a Christmas Translation Present for his Wife, Yulia, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. –  “de dato” (on this date). Pfr. 17. p.t. Another Latin abbreviation … posthumous a child born after the death of the father. Usually before a name. Offers tips for deciphering old German script. Paricularly high quality site with both English and German support along with other languages. What is that? “unehel.” is therefore “unehelich” (illegitimate). 2. abgegangen left for Abs. –  “ledig” (single/unmarried). Download your comprehensive list here – plus monthly German genealogy tips sent straight to your inbox. In an old Danish parish record book (1750s), the abbreviations “Comm.” and “Comp.” are used consistently in the baptism entries. - mustered out mo. Most provable lineages, outside of noble ones, rarely can be traced back further than the early church records. It appears to be drus or duus (it's on three or four letters long), perhaps... an occupation, though I don't see any others on the page. MA stands for Mary, Mariah, Marie, Maria………… Hanss also stands for Johann and John depending on your culture. For example, a typed record might show an abbreviation for Joseph as Jos, whereas the handwritten record would usually show it as Jo s. Similarly for Elizabeth, it would appear Elizth in typed form and Eliz th in handwritten form. There is also a useful timeline. As far as we know, GenealogyInTime Magazine maintains the largest online resource devoted to Latin words and phrases in genealogy. [If the writer likes a long s at the end, a son can look like fflll but a daughter will be ffllx where x is any letter you can think of except s!] - ditto; dtr. parish ecclesiastical division or jurisdiction; the site of a church. 18. eod. Latin – Here we include useful words and phrases for latin, the language of the church and the law, a very useful reference when working in older records for the first time. Therefore, Latin will be found used in the earlier records of most European countries, as well as in Roman Catholic records around the world. Abbreviations... Smileys. It isn't juvenis or viduus or solutus, as are most in the register. German Scriptwriting training on line including script examples. Use these helpful hints and share them with your fellow researchers using the button below. (a) Anno (anno) in the year of A. Amt office ; department ; authority abgeg. Sacramental records are the first types of documents you should look for when researching your Catholic ancestors. So, German genealogists, don’t let those pesky abbreviations get the better of you. - mustered out mo. German SütterlinScriptwriting exercises with examples that will also help you to read the script. - mile; miles MIA - Missing in Action mil or milit. You can find my email address on my genealogy link page: Absatz; Absender paragraph; sender a.D. außer Dienst retired Adr. – “Bezirk” (district). In particular wills, parish records and land records tend to be full of Latin terms. – “eodem” (the same). Typically, Latin was used in the more rural, Irish-speaking parishes while English was used in urban districts. So, let's say you know what tow... My father served in the Navy during the Korean War. How One Word Traveled Around the World (Guest Post by Narelle Kukowetz), That’s in the Archives: Using State Archive Websites For Your Genealogy Research (Guest Post by Melissa Barker), 7 Genealogy Hacks for Verifying Your Ancestor’s Hometown (PREMIUM), Essential German Genealogy Vocabulary: The Collection, Recognizing German Numbers: A Practice Game (PREMIUM), Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Data Usage. Here are a few sample German Church records in Latin: Latin Birth/Baptismal (Natus/Baptizatus) Record. Conrad Zingg. If I Can You Can Decipher Germanic Records by Edna Bentz i. Abzehrung: consumption ii. A Family’s Quest for Truth: Is Their Treasured Heirloom the Famous X-Rayed Ring? Where extant, church records can be an enormous boon to genealogical research. So, let's say you know what town your family is from in Germany. Where extant, church records can be an enormous boon to genealogical research. Many church records and legal documents include Latin terms that are not used in our everyday speech. Also includes a list of Latin and Hungarian terms for occupations and causes of death. Never in Irish. Later books may have used preprinted forms with the headings in Fraktur type, which is … Email me the image at one of the email addresses found on this page: and I'll take a look. German Genealogy Records and Indexes Online. Could these be Latin abbreviations and, if so, what do they mean in context of the baptism protocol? Another Latin abbreviation, sometimes seen before a pastor’s name. This name was borne by Saint Alban, the first British martyr (4th century). - monument inscription mi. Thank you!!! Coverage varies by parish -- most are from 1795-1874. Seen before a date, as in “d. лют. This is Part 2 of German Church Record Basics - Latin Records. Im Jahre u Monat / In the Year and Month 2. To: Matthew Miller: Your examples of latin key words are great. If you find the answer, please post an update and if I find it, I'll be sure to post another reply.Let me know if you have any other questions.--Matt. For a female: Sarah filia Henrici BLOGGS et Anna uxor ejus baptizata fuit (date in Latin) Anno Pdo. soul. Church Record Translations. sak. Latin Birth/Baptism (Natus/Baptizatus) Record - The key words you're looking for are: filius - son of. We use cookies to customize content and give you the best experience possible. I have found a Swiss Family where ALL the males have Hss. LATIN. Search for your ancestors in free Ships' Passenger lists, Naturalization Records, Palatine Genealogy, Canadian Genealogy, American Genealogy, Native American Genealogy, Huguenots, Mennonites, Almshouse Records, Orphan Records, church records, military muster rolls, census records, land records and more. Typically, Latin was used in the more rural, Irish-speaking parishes while English was used in urban districts. Comm. - died unmarried; DVF - Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge; d.y. Occupations – The names of many occupations and professions have altered through the years, this list attempts to bridge the gap for modern researchers. Scribal abbreviations or sigla (singular: siglum) are the abbreviations used by ancient and medieval scribes writing in various languages, including Latin, Greek, Old English and Old Norse.In modern manuscript editing (substantive and mechanical) "sigla" are the symbols used to indicate the source manuscript (e.g. Most are for Protestant churches. - [Latin] descessit sine prole mascula; died without male issue; dt. Types of Records to Look For Church Records Civil Registration Records (birth, marriage and death) Other Records such as emigration lists. - minister m-in-l - mother-in-law MLG - Middle Low German MLW - Military Land Warrant MM - abbreviation for Monthly Meeting of Society of Friends (Quakers) m.o. This is often used when describing the residence of two people on a certificate , stating that they are “both from here.”. Notice in the following obituary, the death date is … - mother; month mors. I haven't run across that phrase myself but doing a bit of searching, I believe it is an abbreviation for a prayer. ... Reading English Handwritten Records Lesson 2: Dates and Latin Words. [The original link is broken. 5. geb. S:M:E: animam following the date of the death? - military min. Symbols, Abbreviations and Words Used in German Church Records You will probably need a reference book for the old German symbols, abbreviations, words, occupations, and illnesses. Has transcripts of more than 650 sets of church records for the state of Brandenburg, Germany from the Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv. Have you ever seen death records with Comm. Records: An ancestor’s faith or specific church might be specified (or at least hinted at) in nonreligious records. – “ejusdem” (in the same month or year). Many of these records are preserved on microfilm, particularly in the LDS archives at Salt Lake City. Your link to the past since February 1996! A simple Latin translation dictionary to help Genealogists and Family Historians to understand Latin phrases in old documents, wills, deeds, contracts and manorial, church & parish records. Parish records were either written in English or Latin. All kinds of records were prone to spelling mishaps, including vital records, church records, and of course the immigration and census records mentioned above. back to top. Throughout the history of central Europe, these have been used in both religious and secular records. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a30ddae454df47d93a1c2c8b2a423159" );document.getElementById("cda0f246a8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This link … This word list includes only the words most commonly found in genealogical sources. Language and Terminology: Most of these records are written in either Magyar (Hungarian), Ukrainian, Latin or Slovak. Place names and surnames were not translated but first names were. Latin Death (Mortus) Record. filia - daughter of. Together, we can conquer German genealogy! German … There we are, happily transcribing our German genealogical document, when we’re suddenly confronted with two obscure letters. The church record books in Germany prior to about 1800 were typically writte... All of my Panther family tree information was found in the church records of a few villages in Germany. Pat B. Patricia,Thank you for your comment and question! - died young Back to the top E. - East or eastern; easi.

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