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Discover the roots of Yoruba language in Nigeria, What is the most popular language in Africa? in akwa ibom u will say- ami mmuma fien, is that not cool. More than 21 languages can be heard in Gombe State. 1.5 million native speakers who consider this language as their first, while 4.5 million of Nigerians speak Ibibio as the second language. Reply. Afade 9. Nigeria - Nigeria - Languages: The languages of Nigeria are classified into three broad linguistic groups: Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan, and Afro-Asiatic. Language Ways to say clove; Afrikaans: huisie Edit: Amharic: ቅርንፉድ Edit: Chichewa: clove Edit: Hausa: albasa Edit: Igbo: kloovu Edit: Kinyarwanda: karungu Edit: Sesotho: clove Edit: Shona: clove Edit: Somali: dhego yare Edit: Swahili: mikarafuu Edit: Xhosa: iklokhwe Edit: Yoruba: clove Edit: Zulu: clove Edit When you want to impress Yoruba language speaker, say “Bawo ni”, which is ‘how are you’ in the Yoruba language. These days, there about 30 million speakers in Nigeria and the Pidgin language is mostly spoken in the Niger Delta region. “Kóyo” is a greeting used in Benin language. There are different dialects for the Hausa speaking people as it is tone language that can be di… But try not to say it to the elderly as it might be considered disrespectful. Efik, Bokyi, Ejagham, Igede, and Yala are the main languages. Reply. Tetrapleura tetraptera is a species of flowering plant in the pea family native to Western Africa. Kastina state citizens primarily speak Fulfulde and Hausa languages. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Erica’s connections and jobs at similar companies. The Yoruba language is now spoken by about 21 million people (18.9 million - the first language and 2 million as second) in Nigeria. Nigeria is known for its diversity of tribes and languages; every ethnic group has its own language and customs. “Mesiere” is the way Efik/Ibibio people say "hello". Breathing in smoke from cigarettes along with clove ingredients may cause difficulty in breathing, upper respiratory … Children may cause severe negative effects when clove oil is used orally. The language is spoken in daily communication particularly in Kano, Katsina, Jos plateau, Bororo, Zaria, Maiduguri, Sokoto states. Cloves are called kanafuru in yoruba language. It is often said that Hausa is under the Afroasiatic language and has the largest number of speakers with a population of about 19 million natives speaking the language, Hausa is currently the most popular language in Nigeria at the moment. A while ago, the Auyokawa and Teshenawa languages were spoken in the region, but now there are no speakers of these languages. A recent study carried out in Nigeria assessed the activity of clove essential oils against Ae. There are also some languages that are more common than others. Languages. These vital bioactive substances include; tannis, oligosaccharides, phenols, flavonoids, and alkaloids. Although Nigeria has English as its official language, many other local languages are still alive and spread widely across the country. aegypti [ 22 ]. The Yoruba Oriki For Twin & Its Translation - Dedicated To Twins Worldwide. Introduction of Clove. How many major cultures are there in Nigeria? This language has a few different dialects. Bawo ni. Kaun is potash, Iru is locust beans, Ginger is not even ata ille as we assume all this while. Clove is an aromatic dried flower bud of an evergreen tree. These are common ways of a salutation to friends or relatives. Abon 3. And they are all scattered across the 36 states of the federation. We are an organic online store that sells variety of organic products. There are several languages spoken in Nigeria today. Effirin in Yoruba ocimum gratissimum or clove basil. Tell the person sweet names like honey,sweetheart and stuff like that ,although those names are common but the person that are called these names will admire you,and from there you get along with each other. Other uses include it being used as a good remedy for nausea and indigestion, The leaves are chewed to lose weight, it is known to improve eyesight and also prevent cataract, it is used to improve hair colour. It is also often associated with the Islamic culture. hmm IGBOS would say A fu gi anaya, say this to whoever (you are my life, my love and my destiney) IN IGBO ITS, E BU NDUM, IFUNANYAM AND AKARAKAM, so romantic, You sound [type] like you're not a Nigerian. Collapse. A 2005 study by Igboanusi and Peter demonstrated the preferential … Without any bias, Hausa is the most spoken language in Nigeria and is linked with the Islamic people in Nigeria. Since 2009, clove cigarettes have been classified as cigars in the US. I dont think it is the language you are asking. In a three-page letter addresse… In partnership with YemKem International, an alternative medicine company, the Ọọ̀ni (king) is working to create an herbal therapy to be mass-produced and packaged for sale. Nigerian languages is an integral part of the culture. Share 8. Abua 4. Izi ezaa-ikwo-mgbo, Kukele, Legbo, Mbembe, Cross River, Oring are five languages which are widely spoken in Ebonyi state. Clove cigarettes have been smoked throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. It is a common way of greeting each other and literally means “how are you”. The most widely spoken of the 529 languages in Nigeria is Yoruba. Lola. Erica has 1 job listed on their profile. Cloves are a very common type of … Meanwhile, the three major local languages in Nigeria are Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa. The main areas that speak this language are Oyo, Osun, Kwara, Ogun, Ondo, and Lagos states and some parts of Kogi State. Can be used to bake and also used in soups (pepper soup) and other savoury meat dishes. Aside from English, the Ibibio language is also taught in primary and secondary schools. 3.7 milligrams iron (20 percent DV) 0.1 milligram manganese (7 percent DV) 0.1 milligram copper (6 percent DV) 21 milligrams magnesium (5 percent DV) What is the yoruba name for houseleek? One of the most spoken languages in Nigeria is Kanuri. Ethnobotanical information is essential to the work of scientists and others concerned more practically with the … More than 3 million people consider Kanuri to be their first language and now Kanuri is spoken mostly in Borno, Gombre, Yobe, and Jigawa States. (countable) A clove tree, of the species Syzygium aromaticum (syn. Also see clāva (“knotty branch, club”). You are fighting on the front line against COVID-19 and need masks, gels, protective screens, etc. The other languages in Adamawa State are minor. According to the electronic edition of Ethnologue - 1991 SIL, for 18.5 million of Nigerians Hausa is the first language and 15 million speak this language as the second. ? Cloves belong to Myrtaceae family and are native to India and Indonesia. if it is in yoruba tell mo ni ife re tan kan tan kan. NOTICE BOARD: 99.9% QUESTIONS ALREADY HAVE WELL RESEARCHED ANSWERS. there is no such thing as girls telling their man i love u in any nigerian language, never was and never will be, it is the guys that say stuff like, "nne, di very beautiful, chei! The Hausa language also serves as a means of interethnic communication in West Africa among the Muslim population. Yoruba is also widely spoken outside Nigeria. Crushed garlic in a bowl. Couscous is used as a starch on special occasions. Use cloves in Indian cuisine. Idoma, Igede, and Tiv are major languages in the area. Hausais a tone language, a classification in which pitch differences add as m… I don't know what parsley called. Adds flavour to pies. Say “Kedu”, if you meet someone who speaks the Igbo language. Last, but not least – the Edo language and its 1 million native speakers.

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