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Finding the right flooring for your home isn't merely a matter of choosing a color or pile that appeals to you. Do this by pressing your thumb firmly into th… But a poorly installed carpet will not only look bad; it will also fail to perform the way the carpet should, and thus will require replacement sooner than it would have otherwise. I recommend reading through this guide top to bottom. If the store is upfront and says the installer is responsible for their mistakes, at least make sure you’ve hired a good installer (we’ll cover this in step 13). There’s more to it than that. You’ve graduated the Captain’s carpet buying course (sweet! Also, closely compare the manufacturers’ warranties on the carpets. Do not assume that a carpet with a higher face weight is better than a carpet with a lower one. You can afford to treat yourself to a bit of luxury in the bedroom, where a softer pile will withstand slippers or bare feet, but you’ll need something with a dense, tight, low-pile tuft in those high-traffic areas. The main reason is you don’t have someone to fight for you if you get ripped off on the carpet or installation (credit can give you this advantage), but you also miss out on hundreds of dollars that you can get if you use financing correctly. It’s too much detail for this guide, but there is one thing I want to point out that is often overlooked: Cash can have more risks than most people think. Face weight, padding, twist level, and much more. Get estimates from 3 pre-qualified installers in your area by filling out this short form from HomeAdvisor. There are five major types of carpet fiber - nylon 6,6, nylon 6, polypropylene (olefin), polyester, and wool; the most popular being nylon. Tuftex Carpets of California is known to produce carpet and floor covering products of high quality and is one of the brands associated with Shaw Floors. The next steps will help you get the best deal. You put all this work into buying your carpet, now it’s up to you to protect your investment. 1. Now that you know what carpet you want and about how much you’ll pay for it, let’s talk about how to get the best deal. Tracking these compounds in your home, and excluding them from your buying decision, is the first step toward better living environment.. The #1 “scam” on flooring projects is overcharging and overmeasuring by retailers and installers (I’ll cover more on common scams in the ‘Getting a good deal’ section. But remember the saying, “It’s only as strong as the weakest link?”. If you have 500 square feet of carpet to be installed, Company B’s installation charge would be $250. Let’s move on to planning what carpet and pad specifications will make the best fit for your home. Find your perfect floor by browsing the leading companies producing high quality healthy carpet. pet owners, wheelchair users, etc) and how to get the best deal on your investment in carpet. Not all carpets are created equal. HomeAdvisor makes sure the installer has all the proper credentials and insurance (which many you find other ways don’t). Cheryl Simmons is a freelance writer and the owner of a home flooring store with years of industry experience. Before you go, I want to give you a few tips on getting the most out of your carpet. I have been reading everything on this site in depth, and was confronted with an unexpected scenario. So even though it’s not common, I walk through how to buy carpet online in case you’re interested. Retailers compete to offer you better deals, more flooring options, and an overall better experience. Buy carpet labeled low VOC (volatile organic compound), which limits the use of substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Be aware that some vacuums have overly aggressive action which may damage the surface of your carpet. Now that you have an idea of what your carpet project will cost. This company’s range of carpeting and floor covering products consists of a massive 166 different products – all in a wide range of color options as well. To understand why a carpet will not show tracking marks (including footprints) let’s first understand why some carpets do. Carpet Brands Carpet continues to be one of the most popular flooring choices for many consumers for a number of reasons. Flooring installations can fail due to lack of proper floor prep and leveling. There is some good news. For example, a large family with multiple pets will have many different requirements than someone living alone. carpet blends perform (wool-nylon, polyester-nylon, etc). Is the installer subcontracted or a store employee? Here is a sample of questions you may hear…. exclusive brands of carpet. It’s worth reading the comparison of all carpet fibers on my best carpet material page. Like buying a car, flooring is such a big purchase you can come out financially ahead by the way you pay. And, depending on your preferences and your home’s layout, you may decide to go with a mix of the two. It involves a huge financial investment; all the different types of carpet, styles, colors and brands can make your head spin; and you often end up dealing with high-pressure salespeople. Sorry, that happened! And just the fact that HomeAdvisor is willing to stake their reputation on these installers gives you confidence that they won’t keep them around if they are getting complaints. It’ll be the only page you need to read on the important topic of carpet padding. Today, there are thousands of colors to consider. But… many people overlook that carpet combined with the right vacuum can be a benefit for allergy sufferers over hard flooring. Oh yeah, one file thing. It’ll cover more than you’d imagine about how color will impact your home. Number 3 may be a little harsh. When it comes to carpet, however, there are too many other factors that come into play when determining the overall quality. When fewer people are shopping for flooring, retailers are more willing (and have more time) to cut a deal with you. I rank all of these factors, let you in on common ways they are used to be misleading, and give ranges you’ll want for each in my guide to carpet face weight and durability. Sadly, though, many deals are literally too good to be true. Some are safer, some are better options if you don’t have the money or have bad credit, and some will give you more money back. It is easier to tell someone that 50 oz. After reading this guide, you’re way ahead of the game on your carpet knowledge, and I’m confident you can make a good purchase. Since this has been discontinued the entire upstairs bedrooms, hallway and stairs need replacement. Over-Measuring Scams! But if I had to rank the specs, carpet material is the #1 factor determining how long your carpet will last. Let’s prepare for installation day…. ), but now you don’t need me (bitter!). The crown jewel of the carpet industry is Mohawk’s little darling, Karastan. Good luck! You step in and hear, “Welcome to XYZ Carpet Store! If they don’t have your interest in mind here, I’d be nervous they won’t have your back if things like installation go bad down the road (more on installation in step 13). The final step before you close the deal is ironing out the installation details. And that’s not surprising. But if you’re out shopping or researching carpet and come across a word you don’t know, here are a couple of good references: Just remember these links are here if you want to come back to them later. But you could waste a perfectly good multi-$1,000 carpet. It will help give you a general idea of the overall cost of the project so that you know which products you can be looking at realistically to stay within your budget. Also, I have a page directly comparing nylon vs polyester if you’re deciding between those two (they’re the two most popular). You’ve picked out the carpet you dreamed of. It’s a common question many homeowners have when trying to decide exactly what to do with their home’s flooring.Of course, both types of flooring have their pros and cons. There are at least 6 important specifications when it comes to carpet durability. This not only helps you choose your carpet, but it helps you sniff out the bad stores or salesman. You’ve completed the perfect carpet project (or at least as close to it as you’re going to get). So what to do? They may also choose to look for carpets that are close in color to their pets (less showing of pet hair on the carpet) or that tend to hide dirt easily (flecked Berbers or Friezes, for example). But there are some areas brands can make a big difference, especially with stain resistance. So how should you negotiate without it being awkward? Neither have any aesthetic value, but both are extremely important for your safety and your comfort. These surprises might be add-on fees for things you thought would be included in your original price (this is especially common if they’ve let you negotiate a good deal or baited you in with an advertised good deal). It can be easy to be swept up in the images shown in magazines, featuring glamorous rooms with pristine white carpets. Even though I know what I want, a store that cares about its customers has to ask some questions about how they live to recommend a good product. So how much are you trusting the store? Some carpet installers like the baseboards installed last because it makes their job easier (don’t have to worry about damaging the baseboard, and it’s out of the way when tacking down the carpet). This allows them to give super long warranties to get you to buy. Let’s just jump into the Moroccan style and take a look at this rug from Unique Loom. We carpeted our newly renovated home in 2017 with a beautiful Mohawk carpet that has been discontinued. There are plenty of unscrupulous carpet retailers you need to avoid. The simple calculator will give you an easy, accurate measurement. I have been reading and learning about what to look for to get that feel again, would you happen to know what might… Read more ». You might not be on Shark Tank, but you still have to close the deal. It’s best if you can air out your house (open doors and windows) the first few days after installation. Could you save money going less or more durable? Look at the thickness, resilience, material and weight of a carpet’s pile. That should cover everything you need to know about carpet materials. For most people, you’ll do well with a 7/16” rebond pound that is a minimum of 6lbs (preferably 8lbs+). There are too many loopholes, and manufacturers know that there will be very few successful claims. I talked about this earlier, but in my opinion, warranties are marketing. Shaw 3. I’m looking for a carpet that will last at least 10yrs. My favorite cleaner to have on hand for red wine stains (it’s actually designed for clothing but works great!) Because of this, it is easy for consumers to be confused by the carpet buying process, and end up with a carpet that will not suit their needs. Competition is fiercer than ever. If you have a good feeling, I’d still get at least one other price quote. to help the installer with any quetsions, and it doesn’t hurt to occasionally check-in and see how the job is going. Many stores will have installers they use, but just be aware, they usually aren’t employed by the store. A lower-quality carpet will look, feel and perform better with a high-grade underpad. Let’s move on to one of the most important decisions you’ll make with your carpet purchase…. Unfortunately, the carpet we need may not always be the carpet we want. Don’t forget to protect your purchase. Check out my guide on choosing the best carpet color. Just like the installer is important, it’s important to make sure installation-day goes smoothly. But for you, it’s pure opportunity. Stainmaster 4. It’s because they install carpet every day, and have all of the special tools and experience required to do it properly. ... a neat and tidy showroom and a good selection of brand name carpet samples to choose from. What if he asks you none of these questions — just what type of flooring you need? Here’s a small checklist you can go through to help make sure it’s a good day (some of it is a review from previous steps you took): Review the checklist in the last step if there’s any left to do (like your carpet isn’t arriving until the installer does). That said, if you still have any questions, I’m pretty good about answering in the comments within a day or two. This style features cut carpet fibers all twisted in the same direction … Calculating carpet requirements is much more complicated than simply adding up the square footage of your rooms. There are a few other articles you should consider. I’m not familiar with the exact line (they have hundreds), but I’d try reaching out to Mohawk and see if they can give you the information on that line related to the features I listed. More on why I don’t like carpet warranties here. These low-cost carpets are only designed to last 3 to 5 yearsat best. And then the installer might blame the store. This warning especially holds true if you are getting quotes from different retailers on different products. Certain brands feature treatments to make maintenance easier. It doesn’t matter how great your carpet is, it needs good installation (we’ll cover how to find a good installer), Know what quality of carpet you can afford, Decide if there’s a better time to buy carpet, looks now don’t tell you anything about looks 3 years from now, warranties are a joke (you can read about why, So you know what your options are for the look of your room, Do you have a pet urine problem? That said, I would mostly stay out of the installer’s way. It takes the concepts from my favorite books on negotiating (listed in the article) and makes it specific to flooring. It is an ideal option for people… With the trend of buying everything online, carpet is a little behind. Feel free to. Either way, it helps to get an accurate estimate before you start. Follow Carpet Captain on Pinterest for more flooring ideas and tips! If one carpet has a 10-year warranty and the other has a 20-year warranty, you are obviously not looking at the same quality of carpet. People who offer this advice believe that the manufacturer’s carpet protection treatment will be washed away with a professional cleaning and that carpets once cleaned will start attracting more dirt. Here are tips to pick a great installer. There are multiple ways it can go wrong: poor installation, wrong carpet or pad shows up, or hidden charges pop up on the invoice, etc. is this one called best carpet padding. I have a page on carpet financing for good and bad credit. To avoid getting caught up in the wording of a promotion, be sure to get a complete, “all-in” price, and be sure you know what is included in that price, and what may be additional. So, spend the extra bit of money now to have it done properly, and save yourself a headache. You can also get design interest from the Carpet Captain Pinterest page. What makes the most sense in terms of getting the carpet installed correctly and having the correct spacing to the baseboard? The style of carpet that most commonly shows tracking is a straight Saxony. Investing in new carpet for you floor can add instant value to your home, but it is a rather expensive project to take a gamble on. The truth is it’s normal to negotiate carpet: retailers play with their pricing all the time, there are multiple fees that can be negotiated, and a small percentage discount can be huge savings (saving 10% on a typical carpet purchase would leave $400 in your pocket). Learn more about Carpet Padding Costs If you are a landlord with apartments or rental property, visit my Landlord Floors Websitedesigned to help you save … Each of these has advantages. I’d love you to follow Carpet Captain on Pinterest. No one likes someone hovering over them while they’re trying to work. And yes, you won’t plunge down 50 feet into water if you mess up the padding. Currently looking at a 60 oz/sq yd Beaulieu carpet l. It is also available on 40 and 80. Finally, if you can’t avoid using a synthetic carpet, check out brands that are vetted by groups like Greenguard, a body that screens products for indoor air pollutant VOCs. It’s worth checking out unless you’re 100% set on how you’re going to pay (and even then it may be worth checking out ). Home Improvement Warehouses - Beware of the $199 Basic Carpet Installation Scam. Should I remove the old baseboard, do installation of carpet, and then install new baseboards? Any questions on how to buy carpet? Here are three popular carpet scams to avoid. Carpet Captain doesn’t sell carpet, but we have helped nearly one million people buy it I am confused on pile height and weight. Underpad saves wear and tear on your carpet by absorbing the impact of foot traffic so the carpet doesn’t have to. without a sales pitch. The other option is to wait until after you purchase. The carpet is available at any retail or big-box store, just under another brand name. With face weight, you still want higher, not lower, but you’re correct that a shorter pile will make the face weight lower (you just still want it not to be too low). Once you’ve found a store you like and a carpet you love, it’s time to figure out the final details. Big box stores will always be there if you have a problem with your carpet, Local stores have surprisingly competitive pricing and survive based on their customer service, 1800 and online carpet retailers potentially offer the lowest prices but are still difficult with carpet, Buying leftover carpet from an installer might be even cheaper, Samples-to-your-home (eg. Getting an estimate on your own is easy insurance against these scams. But there are cases where you are better served with something else. Let’s close the deal (and get the best deal you can)…. Most often, the cost of these “free” or “discounted” products and services are just built in elsewhere. Top Carpet Brands There are several brands of carpeting to choose from, each with its own specific features and product lines. From here, you can sit back and let the installer work their magic. I don’t ever trust carpet warranties here. But even if you do have the cash, there are ways to optimize how much cash back you get. I like to hire installers before buying the flooring because they can often give you tips specific to your home. There are 6 “chapters,” and it should be about a 10-minute read. I get thousands of emails and hear from homeowners who bought carpet from home improvement stores, corporate franchises or national chains. New carpet probably costs more than you think. Oh yeah, and offer snacks, maybe lunch, and drinks. For example, consider the tires on your car, or your mattress. We’ll cover everything you need to know to save money. I decided to go with nylon or Smartstrand, but the Smartstrand carpet I was quoted (Mohawk) was only 50% Smartstrand, and the rest was 50% PET Polyester. Does it make sense to replace baseboards prior to installation? You’ve got arguably the most important carpet buying step down. This is just about the worst mistake you could make when buying new carpet. It can be a neutral foundation or a focal point with bold colors and dramatic patterns and textures. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. There is a reason that carpet installers are called professionals. Padding is like the structure of a bridge. Basically, installers can be your ally in buying flooring. Cleaning Your New Carpet. Shop By Brand. Maybe I just say that because I’m always in temporary shock from the cost of home improvement projects. Two pages that will help you decide for sure: this one on face weight and other specs, and the page on carpet materials. In fact, he's lying. You’re right–density is best because it accounts for both. Empire Today) you can shop in the comfort of your home. He tells you the carpet is actually a "private label," and no one else sells the exact same brand. These small differences can make hundreds (if not more) dollars difference in what you pay. You’re now through all the details of buying the best carpet for your home. Feel free to read any of the articles below that apply to your situation…, Here are a few other articles that are specific cases but you can browse and decide if any interest you…. Karastan is known for beautiful area rugs but also manufactures high-quality wall to wall carpets. The salesperson will know how to account for these considerations and should be able to give you an approximation of your total square footage requirements. For more information, see our complete terms of use. Carpet flooring provides a warm, comfortable foundation for any room in your home. Low blood sugar = poor decisions. We all love getting a deal, so it’s tempting to believe the promises of having a whole house of carpet installed for $99, or getting free underpad with carpet purchase. Just simple supply and demand. This should give you the ammo you need to be a smart carpet shopper. Carpet vocabulary (carpet industry terms defined), Bulk continuous filament (BCF) vs staple fiber carpet. This can be both a headache and an opportunity for retailers. Are newer technologies like memory foam worth it? But before you run out and buy that white carpet, consider if it will actually work with your lifestyle. Keep in mind, though, that the salesperson’s quote is only as good as your information: if you have measured incorrectly or left out important details such as closets or railing posts (which increase the labor cost) the true cost of the project will not be able to be determined until you have had a professional visit your home. Dependable Water-resistance: The construction allows you to wet mop your Mohawk or Pergo flooring without fear of damage. Maybe, they know a certain pattern carpet will add a lot in cost because of the way your room is shaped. Carpet and pad hide the fact that a subfloor is damaged or is not level. Tell the world how happy (or unhappy) you are with your carpets. So depending on where you live, certain months will work best. Many times you’ll run into blends of carpet fibers. But (there’s always a but!) This may seem a little out of order. There are several brands on … You would likely prefer to save the money and spend it on things you can sit back and look at – take the money you save on the underpad and buy a new lamp, perhaps. Wool has been woven for centuries into rugs and carpets. - How carpet retailers overcharge you for materials and labor. This is about where to buy, when to buy, and how to buy. Wool carpeting may be more expensive than synthetic, but it is a natural, renewable fiber, is biodegradable and is long-lasting if well maintained. I’m looking to replace my baseboards at the same time we replace carpets. If you are working on a tight budget, We highly recommend spending a bit less on the carpet and a bit more on the underpad. I know… we already went over this. Because of this, it is easy for consumers to be confused by the carpet buying process, and end up with a carpet that will not suit their needs.. If you’re having second thoughts about the carpet, and that’s how they’re convincing you, walk away. Others take-home pay can depend on pushing products that lead to the most profits for the company but aren’t necessarily in your best interest. The feel and fake. Your input is appreciated! Not only is Shaw Flooring innovative, they are leaders in sustainability.

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