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Made from premium CTS-204P stainless steel, the drop point profile is highly utilitarian for daily cutting tasks. CTS-204P offers the hard-wearing durability of high-end steel with incredible edge retention and corrosion resistance. The karambit-style 3.95-inch blade is designed to deliver fast, effective cutting strikes, making the Hawk ideal for self-defense and combat situations. 4" CTS-204P Satin Steel Blade. Blasted and tumbled, the Apocalyptic finish is discreetly non-reflective and hides wear from use. All knife components are manufactured in the USA, and Microtech’s team of engineers refines their designs to create knives that never let you down. CTS-204P: A highly wear-resistant, powder metallurgy stainless steel, CTS-204P has some of the highest edge retention and corrosion resistance available. The blade is Carpenter CTS-204P steel which rivals the popular M390 as previously used by Microtech. Proprietary design allows the firing spring to be at rest in both the open and closed positions, drastically reducing wear on the internal firing mechanisms. Elmax is a great steel, but I’m happy this Ultratech has made the jump to CTS-204P! It weighs a light 3.6 oz. The Microtech Troodon is a smaller version of the famous Combat Troodon; 25% smaller, in fact. Compare Add to Cart. In my opinion it doesn't worth a penny over any good tempered S30V / S35V. The Microtech Cypher weighs 4.14 oz., which is about average weight for an OTF knife and provides easy handling and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for a tactical or combat blade. Small enough to be a snap to carry this OTF (out-the-front) automatic is a serious contender for time in your pocket! The massive blade and hefty size make this an impressive-looking knife. Black Double Edge (D/E) Ultratech with bronze apocalyptic blade and hardware. However, the lightning-fast deployment speeds and intimidating design have made them a coveted addition to any knife collection. Best of all, the short 1.9-inch double-edged blade length means that it is legal for concealed carry in California. Made from premium CTS-204P stainless steel, the drop point profile is highly utilitarian for daily cutting tasks. The knife includes a deep carry pocket clip and a glass breaker. The ambidextrous pocket clip offers tip-down carry, while the double-action OTF deployment mechanism offers smooth opening and closing for speedy response times, giving you the edge when you need it most. Description This Ultratech features a black coated tanto blade with a plain cutting edge. 204P offers a bit more corrosion resistance at the price of being harder to sharpen. This version is factory Distressed giving it a "worn in" look that also hides wear from use and carry. For the this generation of the UMS Ultratech, they use CTS-204P. Black Friday Sale is now live! In the Comparison on cts 204p vs m390 steel that M390 is first and foremost an awesome edge retention steel. At an overall length of nine inches and a weight of 4.6 oz., it is comparable in size to the Combat Troodon, with a 3.75-inch dagger or serrated blade and a 5.2-inch aluminum alloy handle. They are effectively the same steel. The Ultratech double action out the front automatic knife from Microtech sets the standard for the category. If you are looking for a knife that combines the gorgeous curves of the Dirac with the tough construction and intimidating size of the Combat Troodon, then the Dirac Delta is the right blade for you. Microtech Ultratech Black 204P Bayonet Champagne. In 2019, the knife market saw the rerelease of the stunning Hawk folding knife. This version is incredibly easy-to-carry discreetly and is large enough to actually be functional. The 3.4-inch blade comes in a variety of versatile styles, from double-edged to tanto, to drop-point. The premium blade steel features excellent edge retention and a stonewashed finish, giving you a reliable performer to flick out every time. At an overall length of over ten inches and a weight of 5.36 oz. Blade: Equipped with Microtech's Apocalyptic finish, the drop point blade has a single, razor sharp plain edge. If Microtech can do that with S35, I bet they gave a hard treatment to the CTS-204p also (maybe the … The classic combat folder has been given a modern update with a sleek profile and improved functional features. The blade has a single plain edge, and opens and closes automatically with the use of a double action thumb slide. It features a uniquely shaped handle with a flared finger choil and inlay grip that molds to the shape of your hand for superior handling and strength. With a sleek yet robust design, precision American made construction and premium materials the Ultratech is a perfect everyday carry companion. It also has some pretty respectable toughness, and can take a good hard beating. The dual action thumb slide handles both deployment and retraction, making the Carries via a right hand, tip-down, stainless steel deep carry clip. © Copyright 2020 GPKNIVES, LLC. Microtech. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The collaboration between Anthony Marifone and Derek Munroe of Munroe knives has produced a knife with exceptional detail and precision craftsmanship. With a blade length of 2.9-inches and an overall length just under 6-inches, the Microtech UTX-70 finds the perfect balance between a hard-wearing functional cutting blade and a discreet self-defense knife. If you want to experience the quality of a Microtech blade, here is everything you need to know about Microtech knives. The most compact version of the original Ultratech and the second smallest knife in the Microtech range is the UTX-70. Construction is completed with Microtech's proprietary Apocalyptic hardware, glass breaker end and pocket clip with individual serial number/date of production. The SOCOM weighs in at a hefty 5.4 oz. It also features a ball-bearing glass breaker and a reversible titanium pocket clip for tip-down carry. The tip-up carry position and automatic plunge lock mechanism allow for lightning-fast opening, while the 5-ounce weight provides just enough heft to inflict some serious damage. But he managed to pull it off, creating one of the smallest knives to ever release from Microtech. Action is fast and smooth thanks to the double action automatic mechanism. As one of the original Microtech OTF designs, its popularity with EDC enthusiasts means that it has been in production almost since the company’s inception. The clip can hold up to twenty bills or seven cards and still maintain optimal functionality. This automatic has turquoise 6061-T6 aluminum handles with a tip-down pocket clip and a glass breaker. Black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handle with 204P steel blade. Microtech Exocet. It's an out-the-front automatic with a thumb slide opener and lock. I received my first Microtech, an Ultratech D/E with CTS-204p steel on Saturday and it was relatively sharp, nothing impressive, but also not dull. Microtech Ultratech Hellhound 119-10 Details 3. As strong as the dinosaur for which it was named, the Combat Troodon is an upgrade from the standard Troodon model and is the largest OTF knife in production at Microtech, weighing an impressive 5.8 ounces. The aircraft alloy handle is inlaid with Stingray leather, which looks impressive and provides remarkable grip and traction. The Microtech Ultratech D/E Turquoise features a 3.35" CTS-204P stainless steel dagger with a black coated finish and a blade thickness of .12". Microtech Bastinelli Iconic Karambit Fixed Blade Black G-10 Stonewash Standard Right Hand Carry Sheath 118-10R. Microtech has been developing superior-quality knives for more than 25 years. All rights reserved. It's toughness and reasonably easy to sharpen characteristics make 204P a great all-purpose steel. That’s a tradeoff I’m willing to embrace with arms wide open (any Creed fans up in here?). This out-the-front knife features a black anodized handle, all-black hardware and a dagger style blade in a black and satin finish. Here are some of the top knife models available from Microtech: Widely considered to be the out-the-front knife, the Microtech Ultratech sets the standard for every other OTF blade in the industry. The blade length is 3.11-inches long and weighs only 3.1 oz. Free shipping $50 & up! My Ultratech is harder than I have ever heard that S35vn is capable of; I would estimate the Rockwell around 62. View Specs. Blade Material: CTS-204P; Edge Length: 2.92″ Overall: 7.25″ Dagger Double Edged; Scales: 6061-T6; Made in The USA; I’ve been equipping Microtech knives for 20 years, specifically for my work as an operative and contractor. You won’t see much wear at all from the thing even through some pretty rough use. Despite its good looks, the Microtech Dirac is a highly functional tactical blade that has been engineered with high tolerance features, such as proprietary hardware, a high-tech glass breaker, and quick-release spring-loaded firing. The ingenuity and innovation that go into every design are unparalleled in the knife industry. The sinister-looking hawkbill blade is finished in two-tone bronze with an apocalyptic stonewash. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Microtech Ultratech S/E Apocalyptic 204P Drop Point Distressed Blue OTF Automatic Knife 121-10DBL. Brand new item direct from Microtech Knives, USA. It’s no wonder why Microtech continues to win the hearts and minds of knife enthusiasts worldwide. I think the steel could be equil if given the same heat treat. The full weight of this knife is just 3.5 oz. and features a 3.42-inch blade. The Microtech UTX-70 Hellhound features a CTS 204P stainless steel blade and a black aluminum handle. Aug 28, 2019 - ADO, SBK, Combat S/E, Combat D/E, Combat T/E, Currahee, Cypher, DOC, Driver Bits, Hell Hounds, HALO, Jagdkommando, Kydex, UTX-70 LUDT, Stitch, Socom. Check your local carry laws if you are considering this knife for EDC. CTS-204P is similar in performance to CPM-20CV and Bohler's M390. Blade: Equipped with a brilliant machine satin finish, the Tanto point has a razor sharp, plain cutting edge. The first of the variations on the Ultratech measures just 85% of the original size. This steel along with M390 is effectively the best possible metal currently available to … Qty. Microtech uses a variety of steels for their knives, including Bohler M390 and Elmax. Move the thumb slide up to deploy and down to retract. Handle: A smooth, blue hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handle has contoured edges for a comfortable feel in-hand and smooth transition in and out of your pocket. The Blade is CTS-204P in stonewashed finish. Post by Blerv » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:44 pm . The Microtech Combat Troodon's is one of the largest dual action OTFs (Out The Front) knives available today, the Combat Troodon is the larger version of the Microtech Troodon. Hey, at 20% chromium, it’s also really good at corrosion resistance! The deployment mechanism fires with speed and power seen more often in OTF knives than lightweight folding knives. Although the Cypher OTF knife has been in the Microtech range for years, it has achieved new heights of fame, thanks to the new John Wick: Chapter 3 film. Marfione Custom Hawk Automatic Bronze Blade, Ti2 Design Custom Techliner Pens Avail Now, Microtech Exocet Money Clip OTF Knife Cali Legal 1.9" Stonewash 157-10, the Microtech UTX 85 is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, easy-to-use knife that is ideally suited to beginners, the Microtech UTX-70 finds the perfect balance, the Microtech Combat Troodon combines the durability and functionality of a tactical knife, the Microtech HALO 6 is the largest of Microtech’s production knives. CTS-204P Steel. Been lots of talk about M390/20CV/204P, about there HRC, about how HRC is relevant to edge retention, and how relevant my testing is.... GAME TIME BITCHES! The Socom Elite is a great large knife (check out our review on it here as well), comes in at a little higher price point ($290 retail on the autos), but retains the same M390 / 204p blade steels (Microtech switches freely between these steels between production runs). This knife comes in the Marfione Custom box with the Zippered Pouch, Metal Dagger and the Metal COA plate. The grooved handle is contoured to your hand and features jimping along the top edge that continues along the spine for enhancing grip no matter the conditions. As the flagship model of the Microtech O.T.F. This version has a distressed, blue anodized aluminum handle, Apocalyptic CTS-204P drop point blade and matching hardware. However, it is the automatic SOCOM model that is the most popular with users, due to easy blade retrieval. The automatic folder features a 4-inch CTP-204P steel Tanto chisel grind blade that has been polished to a gleaming mirror finish. The Tanto is super pointy and built from high performance CTS-204P steel. The aluminum handle is well-made and the jimping is grippy. The blade comes in 4 different styles, S/E (Drop Point), D/E (Double Edge), T/E (Tanto Edge) and HH (Hellhound). It doesn’t have the heft of some of the other knives in the Microtech series, but the slim, lightweight frame makes it an agile blade ideal for everyday use. Even with its small size, it still carries a bit of heft for more control and precision. It exhibits excellent performance with both, coarse and high polished edges. It weighs in at a mere 1.25 oz. Microtech Combat Troodon D/E Black Stonewash Standard 142-10. the Microtech HALO 6 is the largest of Microtech’s production knives. The Microtech Ultratech features a CTS 204P stainless steel blade and a black aluminum handle. lineup, the Ultratech® sets the standard for Out-The-Front technology. Blerv Member Posts: 11695 Joined: Mon May 04, 2009 5:24 pm. Brand new directly from Microtech Knives, USA. 204P offers unparalleled edge retention and great corrosion resistance. As the flagship model of the Microtech® O.T.F. Blade Length Restrictions may apply to Connecticut and Vermont. The eponymous hero, played by beloved actor Keanu Reeves, frequently wields a Microtech Ultratech, Combat Troodon, and Cypher with grace and expertise that demonstrates the versatility and performance of the blades. After the individual components have been machined, every knife is carefully assembled by hand to produce high-performance knives that demonstrate an attention to detail that is unrivaled in the industry. The contemporary design of the SOCOM Elite includes a 5-inch aluminum handle and 4-inch stainless steel blade in Tanto or drop point styles that is deployed with an automatic push-button opener. The Munroe-designed handle is 5.6-inches of finely milled aluminum, which features unique grooves along either side for incredible grip. Specs: Overall Length: 9.06" (230mm) Closed Length: 5.12" (130mm) Blade Length: 3.78" (96mm) Cutting Edge Length: 3.55" (90mm) Blade Thickness: 0.127" (3.22mm) Blade Steel: Elmax, M390 or 204P; … Every few years Microtech changes the blade steel they use, only because the best “super steel” is newly developed through time. The overall length of 8.03 inches is still quite easy to hold and maneuver. Microtech’s specialized firing mechanism minimizes wear and tear by allowing the firing component to remain “at rest” when the blade is both open and closed. Made in the USA. Top. I only cut a couple sheets of printer paper with it prior to today. With luxe materials including Damascus steel, Stingray inlay, brass finishes, handcrafted hardware, and intricate detailing, Marfione Custom Knives are a worthwhile investment for any serious knife collection. Microtech uses a variety of steels for their knives, including Bohler M390 and Elmax. The blade is retracted using a unique charging handle. We trust and sell great brands such as Spyderco, Benchmade, Microtech & many more! 00 Microtech 142-4TA Combat Troodon AUTO OTF Knife 3. A long-time favorite of law enforcement and military professionals, the Microtech Combat Troodon combines the durability and functionality of a tactical knife with the flexibility of a combat blade. The Exocet is the first of its kind and offers a unique combination of double-action OTF knife and money holder. It's 5.01 close, 8.36" overall, and weighs 3.5oz. Compare Add to Cart. Additionally we cannot ship to the following states: Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington or the District of Columbia. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. $484.00. It weighs 3oz., and the handle is heavy-duty aluminum alloy. You can get the aluminum alloy handle in a variety of luxury finishes, including copper and brass. From those humble beginnings, Microtech has continued to push the boundaries of knife design, combining ancient knife-making techniques with the latest technology to gain a reputation for making the best automatic knives in the world. Check it out here. This model features a black anodized aluminum handle complete with standard bead blasted hardware and an integrated glass breaker function along with a Microtech patenteed hellhound tanto style blade in a stonewash finish.

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