how to finish black limba wood

It doesn't usually have any of the colour variation of the other one, its a bit coaser grain too  but sounds fairly simialr and can be picked up relatively cheaply. Black Limba 3 piece Solid Body Guitar Blanks Terminalia superba Beautifully variegated and colored, Black Limba is easy to work and finish. Any knowledge about this wood out there in tFB land? Woah, that's waaaay too much to offer - put it towards another one from GSP instead! Available in 2 and 3 piece blanks only. Wood with this darker figuring is referred to as Black Limba, while plain unfigured wood is called White Limba. Pau Ferro. My muse is not a horse and art is not a race. 5 out of 5 stars (34) 34 reviews $ 75.00 FREE ... Black limba wood veneer sheets, 30x15cm, 2 sheets, grade AA [CS2BLI1X2] / wood veneer leaf / wood veneer sample / marquetry veneer The body and neck are made from Black Limba. Just looking at an expensive guitar. has anyone had any experience with that particular wood and finish combination? He might able to tell from the pickup/control cavities, but I expect they'll be covered in paint too and he probably won't want to scrape some off! The original "Flying V's" and "Explorers" are bringing prices in excess of $200,000.00. It can and will soak up a lot of finish. There's nothing wrong with basswood, John Suhr loves the stuff. The only difference between black limba & "korina" (aka white limba) is that one is heartwood, and the other is sapwood. An excellent tonal choice for hollow chambered bodies! Black Limba. Black limba, with the alternating light & dark areas, is kind of in-between. Limba has been an important wood in Africa due in part to its universal popularity. BODY WOOD: Mahogany with Black Limba Top BODY FINISH: Premier Honey NECK WOOD: Quartersawn Maple with Birdseye Maple fingerboard NECK FINISH: Satin Vintage Tint NUT: 100% natural bone FRETS: 22 medium jumbo, Jescar 57110 18% nickel silver TUNING KEYS: 12:1 ratio, sealed-back Black Limba wood is extremely easy to work with and glues and finishes well. Mahogany. +1 on testing it out on scrap. Medium coarse … Paste as plain text instead, × Oil finishes work well on this wood. Ease of Finishing. Black Limba is an exotic wood from Africa Lumber is separated for color and sold as white (without black streaks) or black (with black streaks). hello Im going to build a guitar for a friend using Black Limba (aka black korina) for the body. And the fourth one is korina/black limba body and koa top. All the same pickups. Today these guitars are selling in the $35,000.00 range. It’s also used in single-wood … Black Limba is VERY different from Wenge. That post describes wet sanding with TO, which is a perfectly good way to fill in the pores on a homogenous wood (like walnut). Black limba wood veneer sheets, 56x15cm, 2 sheets, grade AA [CS2BLI2X2] / wood veneer leaf / wood veneer sample / marquetry veneer theveneershop. The wood is relatively soft and easy to work. From shop MankindSurf. × It will take a shellac, oil or poly finish well. Its true name is Limba from Africa. The hardness of wood varies with the direction of the wood grain, and varies from piece to piece. Mine was a 2002/2003 model, but all of the ones from that series that I've seen have been butcher-block bodies (>3 pieces) with the veneer on front & back. Regional and national programs from the '50's through the '70's across West and Central Africa were quite successful. Korina is legendary as a tone wood, It is not overly expensive but it is rare. It is often compared to mahogany but has a clearer, brighter, and more articulate sound. White limba—as used by Gibson and Hamer—has a light appearance in its natural state, and black limba has a more pronounced grain. Black Limba is a strange wood. It features a very handsome olive color with black streaking. You often see a bit of nice flame in this wood too. I did not like it for a number of reasons: (1) the oil darkened the limba more than I wanted, muting the contrasting colors, (2) limba has some good sized pores that need filling before applying an oil finish (assuming you don't want the pores showing), (3) it did not provide much protection against dents. So a Janka rating is an average of numerous tests performed on all directions and numerous pieces. two are sapele body with buckeye burl tops. Black Korina is usually a medium weight wood, but we occasionally get light weight pieces. Generally speaking, the harder the wood the easier it is to finish and polish. I'm 95% sure that mine was poplar but I couldn't say for certainty without testing it. Black Limba Dimensional Lumber. Check out this thread (start at tomlang's post to begin at the meat of the thread): Korina has a naturally waxy feel to it. It's easier ( and imo looks better) to spray a translucent color over wood that has been sealed and sanded flat. Alongside maple, mahogany is a classic ingredient in both slab and multi-wood (or laminated) bodies, and is a common neck wood, too.   You cannot paste images directly. This is usually more of a light olive colour and often has tiny knots. Maybe I will have to address this shortcoming and get out and give it a try in the real world. Often Limba is used for plywood. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Contains a small amount of silica, but blunting effect on cutters is usually small. Red Oak . White Limba vs Black Limba. However, if a Limba tree grows within a mile of the ocean. the wood feels kind of soft to me, and I want to finish it with tru oil or danish oil but i fear it wont hold enough protection from dents. Additionally, Korina wood is the same thing as Limba. White limba—as used by Gibson and Hamer—has a light appearance in its natural state, and black limba has a more pronounced grain. Seems to be the one universal rule in finishing. per BF WORKABILITY: Easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Also known as “Korina” wood. * Black Limba by the piece maybe sawn up to +/- 1/8″ of size listed. How does it compare with mahogany or ash or alder? It is used for making furniture, table tennis blades (as outer ply), and musical instruments and prized for its workability and excellent colour and finish.   Your link has been automatically embedded. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Really nice. and from the link kindly provided by randomhandclaps (above): I know there are a lot of factors in tone but my mate has an epi korina Explorer and it's probably one of the best guitars I've ever played. Typically the veneer darkens noticeably more than the sides too, and it doesn't cover the edge radius so it's really easy to spot on the natural ones. Clear grain filler yields a more natural appearance than colored grain filler. This wood is grown in the tropical regions of western Africa and has a very interesting and appealing grain. Black Limba/Korina electric guitar body blank. You would never want to do this in a mixture of laminated light & dark woods, as you would get a dark-colored grain fill on the lighter woods that would make them look dirty. Upload or insert images from URL. Black Limba Double Cut Finished with Tru-Oil So this guitar came off the shop floor and Markus took one look at it and had to have it. Upper sections of the trees have white heartwood and this is called white Limba and is generally sold … Sapwood is a pale greyish to yellowish brown, not clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Unfinished it doesn t look like much, but when the finish hits it, it turns all kinds of wonderful colors. Black Limba has wonderful tonal properties and is suitable for both solid-body guitars and acoustic guitars. Black Limba Wood … I know this is going to open a can of worms and people argue about tone wood all the time. All different woods. However, the porous nature of the grain requires filling. Black Limba is a softer wood, about like alder, and it is a very porous wood. Guest Mavet, September 5, 2007 in Inlays and Finishing Chat. Formal Name: Terminalia superba Color: Heartwood is a light yellowish to golden brown, sometimes with grey to nearly black streaks and veins., I don't think its a heartwood/Sapwood thing, just some Terminalia superba has black streaks and some does not. Tru-oil builds and it works as a grain filler. I tried Tru Oil on black limba a few months ago, working on scrap. All of our Black Limba wood countertops and wood table tops are custom-made to your specifications at our manufacturing facility in Ohio.   Pasted as rich text. i tend to use this one for solid finishes,,,,, Click here for complete species details. So it's a fair statement to make that Korina Wood Gibson's are also some of Gibson's most valuable guitars. Apologies if this is stating the obvious but Limba is Korina, which is easier to find info on. Harder woods create good, solid long-lasting joinery in furniture. CA$ 14.74. Different parts of the same tree 'n all that. You can post now and register later. It is held in very high regard by guitar builders. He is a meticulous builder with a wealth of guitar lore and knowledge, always an interesting guy to talk with. I know most people go natural with this wood, but I want something different. Still a few extra fretting fingers, When my hard drive went down I lost all my recent "bookmarks" amongst other things, (yes I know, but it just wasn't going to happen to me). The shellac looks great over the limba. Black Limba: Handmade Surf board wall display rack + eco-friendly finish MankindSurf. It looks like you're new here. The striping colors of Limba are stunning after finish is applied. First application of varnish oil for guitar finishing process. The tone is very similar to Mahogany with added mids. They all sound the same. This looks absolutely lovely on figured maple, but on black limba it subdued the light-dark contrast that i was trying to highlight on the instrument that I was building. Color: There are mainly 2 styles of Limba wood out there. The species is known generically as limba—an African wood related to mahogany, but imported under the trade name Korina. Good 4/10 . All the same guitar model. (edit: to correct the autocorrect ! I'm going to build a guitar for a friend using Black Limba (aka black korina) for the body. Botanical name: Terminalia superba. ... Due to the very tight grains in the wood, ebony does not require a finish and this gives the fingerboard a very slick, fast playing quality which many players favor. This finish is available on our 400 and 600 series and comes with a perfect matte top coat. Tonally it's similar to 'hog, but tends to be. So I have just gone searching through Warmoth's site for some extra info which I will post here for anyone else who is curious. We suggest taking a look at our configurator to try our this exceptional finish … It was going to have me make a guitar out of "black limbs", (and that would be colourist !) Limba Botanical Name Terminalia superba Limba Carving Good, easy to carve Limba Clear Finish or Varnish Insufficient Data Available Limba Color of Wood Gray Brown Limba Contrast between growth rings Diffuse Porous Limba Crushing Strength Moderate Limba Decorative Figure No Limba Density Moderate Limba Drilling Good Limba Fill before Finishing Interesting. Gilmer said because black limba comes from the heartwood, which is usually smaller in percentage to the rest of the log, it can be difficult to get the widths he requires. Black Limba is a perfect finish for any bathroom that appreciates unique beauty and daring textures. Best advice is always to try it on scrap....who knows, you may actually like it. Easy to work and takes a nice polish. ** Current Guitar Of The Month contest **, Voting for November's Guitar of the Month competition is now open. These Black Limba Dimensional Lumber pieces are solid hardwood. From shop theveneershop. Is it just for show or does it perform well ? The acoustic I'm working on right now (almost done) has black limba back/sides and I did some tests with french polishing and it turned out really well. This wood is found in the equatorial forests of West Africa. Sapwood is a pale greyish to … the light colour caries from light straw to dark olive, with occasional black streaks and even bright orange sections which come from wood burrowing insects,,,,,, and a light example that would be hard to tell from the species below,, There is another tree called Terminalia ivorensis which also gets sold as Korina but can often be found in the UK under the name Idigbo. Would it be better to use black grain filler then stain blue, stain black followed by sanding back followed by staining blue or do all 3? by shelby updated on August 4, 2020 July 20, 2020 Leave a Comment on Black Limba When it comes to finish options, we have quite a few. For example, use black grain filler, stain black and sand, then stain blue. How to Finish Black Frake. × Korina has a naturally waxy feel to it. Sapwood is a pale greyish to yellowish brown, not clearly demarcated from WEIGHT: 2.85 lbs. All sound the same! Korina. It’s a fairly light hardwood with a fine grain that’s usually enhanced in the finishing process to appear as an attractive array of long, thin streaks. The tone is … Wenge is a very hard, dense wood (and when working with it it ALWAYS gives me slivers!) Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a light yellowish to golden brown, sometimes with grey to nearly black streaks and veins. I have never seen it "in the flesh", but it always makes me curious and want to try it when I find stuff on the web, or even here ! Besides, that guitar's long gone - I'm aiming to replace it with a "proper" korina V at some point though. One is sapele body, eye poplar top. We have everything ranging from matte paint, to glossy automotive, to the innovative FENIX, and of course, some stunning exotic wood. Display as a link instead, × Best known as the tonewood of Gibson’s radical Modernistic Series of the late 1950s—the flashy Flying V and Explorer—as well as more recent guitars that follow these templates, Korina is a warm, resonant, and balanced performer. 5 out of 5 stars (490) 490 reviews. It features a very handsome olive color with black streaking. White Limba and Black Limba are the same specie. Wood with darker figuring is referred to as Black Limba, while plain unfigured wood is called White Limba. It also yields great clarity, definition, and sustain. I love a bit of korina , my reverend was made out of it. That really surprised me the first time I used it. Although its population was considered threatened from over-exploitation in the first half of the 20th century, a concerted effort was made to preserve the species and expand its natural range. the wood feels kind of soft to me, and I want to finish it with tru oil or danish oil but i fear it won't hold enough protection from dents. Oil finishes work well on this wood. By sapwood could be a pale greyish to yellowish-brown, not simply differentiated from the heartwood. Me personally I only dye/stain (apply translucent color directly to the wood) on maple.

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