SAP S/4 HANA 2020 Installaton on Premise

SAP S/4 HANA 2020 installation

I will explain the installation of SAP S/4 HANA 2020.

The version you are installing now is the version announced in October 2020 as the version of SAP S/4 HANA 2020 on Premise.

This is the most recent version at the time of installation.

1. It will be easy to understand to check when SAP S/4 HANA will be released.

HANA Cloud is released quarterly and is released four times a year.

HANA On Premise is released once a year. The On Premise version that directly installs on H/W has been

It is the version that I use most and is expected to use in the future.

How to upgrade the version from SAP ERP 6.0 Business Suite to S/4 HANA is possible in ERP 6.0

Old versions below than SAP ERP 6.0  that are not possible.

2.  The way to install now is to install HANA DB and S/4 HANA on one H/W in the same physical space.

Both S/4 HANA 2020 and SAP S/4HANA the embedded SAP Fiori front-end server (FES)

How to configure it on the same server.

Consist of embedded in SAP Fiori and S/4 HANA 2020.

That is, Fiori and S/4 HANA (formerly ERP) are configured together on one S/4 HANA server.

3. I will briefly explain the transition process of ERP 6.0 and S/4 HANA with SAP detailed components.

SAP ERP 6.0 is the same term as SAP ECC 6.0.

SAP ERP 6.0 is based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0, and the SAP modules FI, CO, MM, SD

It consists of the included SAP_APPL.

4. I will explain the difference between SAP ERP 6.0 EHP8(Enhancement8) version and SAP S/4 HANA 1511.

It is based on SAP NetWeaver 7.5, SAP_BASIS is the same, SAP_ABA version is different.

SAP_ABA(75A) and S4CORE(100) have been changed in S/4 HANA.

5. Now, we will install S/4 HANA from HANA DB on 1 server (H/W).

5-1) After extracting the SWPM file with SAPCAR, perform sapinst to start installing SAP S/4 HANA 2020.

5-2) Connect with URL to install SAP S/4 HANA 2020.

Copy the connection URL and start the web connection using the Chrome web browser.

At this time, login account as root and perform the connection.

6. Now, we will install S/4 HANA 2020 from HANA DB on 1 server (H/W) in earnest.

6-1) Path is SAP S/4 HANA 2020 -> SAP S/4 HANA Server -> SAP HANA Database ->

Select SAP Systems -> Application Server ABAP -> Standard System -> Standard System.

6-2) Select Custom and start the installation.

6-3) Enter the SID of SAP S/4 HANA.

6-4)Enter DNS information.

<SID> Enter the password of the adm user.

6-5)This is the content to check the essential requirements for installing HANA.

If the package required for Linux is not installed, depending on the content required

You need to install necessary OS related software.

Below is the content that the severity is medium (MEDIUM) and the Linux swap is insufficient.

The recommended SWAP capacity is 20GB, but the current OS SWAP is insufficient to 3GB.

Because S/4 HANA’s SAP Memory setting allows you to disable SWAP

Here, we will skip and move on.

6-6) The SAP Host agent file is downloaded as the latest file and designated the location.

6-7)It is a place that asks whether to install LiveCache in HANA DB together. LiveChace in HANA DB

It is a place to ask whether to run or whether to use MaxDB as LiveCache.

From here, you don’t install LiveCash and just skip it.

6-8) Will the HANA Client be installed in one central location or each Application Server (PAS)

It is a place to ask if you want to install it. In general, select Local Client Directory and install.

In this case, if there are multiple application servers (PAS, AAS), etc., each AAS (Additional Application Server)

HANA Client is installed.

6-9) Enter the path to the export directory of S/4 HANA 2020.

6-10) Enter the password of the Instance Nubmer and Administrator of SAP HANA DB.

4-11)Database account (SAPHANADB, DBACOCKPIT) used by S/4 HANA’s Instance

Enter password information (this is the first time the Master password is entered, the password is automatically entered)

6-12)This is a screen to select how to connect when connecting S/4 HANA and HANA DB.

Select HANA Secure User Store (hdbuserstore) to be stored on the HANA DB server.

Information to change the Global_allocation_limit value in HANA is displayed as needed.

6-13)When data of S/4 HANA is imported, the parameter values ​​of HANA DB are modified

It is a value that can be imported more quickly. If necessary, the parameter value of HANA DB is changed.

6-14) Enter S/4 HANA’s ASCS (ABAP Central Service) PAS Instance Number: 00, ASCS: 01.

6-15)If you need to install additional components in ASCS Instance, install additional components here.

If necessary, select whether to install additional Web Dispatcher and Gateway in ASCS.

In this case, we do not install any more.

6-16)To further strengthen security in S/4 HANA 2020, SAP Instance’s

DEFAULT This option is to add parameters to the profile.

It is recommended by default, so I will not check Skip and apply enhanced security options.

6-17)After installing S/4 HANA and asking if you want to delete the sapinst_instdir directory,

It asks if you want to delete the sapinst user created during installation.

You can check the contents of the installation, so we will preserve it without deleting.

6-18)Shows all the options you have chosen to install S/4 HANA. If it needs to be modified,

You can select it again and change it to your desired value.

6-19) The installation process of S/4 HANA appears.

6-20) An error occurred during the installation process of S/4 HANA.

I need to use c-shell in Linux, but the required package is not installed, so additionally install it with rpm -i command.

The installation continues.

6-21)This is the screen where S/4 HANA 2020 has been successfully installed.

6-22) This is the content of components such as installed BASIS and ABA of S/4 HANA.