How will life change with coronavirus?

How will our lives change with this coronavirus?

First of all, online life is getting faster and faster than offline life.

In the marts, such as industrial products and fresh foods, the proportion of food delivered at home by clicking on the internet will increase.

Like chicken and pizza delivery, Seolleongtang, Kalguksu, and other things that can be eaten out will be delivered home and cooked or eaten easily.


The digital world will dominate our lives quickly.

From the company's point of view, the companies supplying parts from China experienced a situation where the plant was stopped by corona, so the transfer of production plants to Vietnam and India will be accelerated.

In the future, more viruses of this kind, such as SARS, MERS, Corona, etc., will emerge, and globalization will accelerate, and the spread of viruses will be much faster.

Recognizing the importance of developing masks and vaccines, the development of health foods, protective equipment, telemedicine, and pharmaceuticals that can prevent viruses will increase.


Developed countries will increase the rate of closure of borders due to refugees and viruses, as Britain did with the refugee problem.

Korea's domestic market, which is not domestic, and eats exports, will increase the proportion of exports with factories in the United States and Brazil.

Then cities in Ulsan, Pohang, and Gunsan, where factories are located, will go faster and faster.

So where should we buy a house? What job should I have?

The 60-80 generation generation that started working in the growing season has no problem, but what should the child generation eat and live in the future?