Happy New Year in 2019.

  Operator of S/4 HANA Web Site is Park Sung Du. In 2018, you had a lot of work this year. In 2019, there will be many S / 4 HANA and HANA DB related things. Of course, it would be a result of a lot of effort at SAP, I think that it will have more opportunities for those working in related industries. In 2019, S/4 HANA specialists I will have more frequent study meetings at meetings. andI will make more time to share information and exchange personal information with those who work together. Do not be burdened when you come to an offline meeting It’s difficult to talk with people who work Please feel free to join us in your encouragement by thinking that this is the process of building a network to contact you at the moment when you need help. Happy New Year, please do only 99% of the time. ha ha ha Thank you.

                                                                            – December 31, 2018-