Post Installation of SAP S/4 HANA 1610

Post Installation of SAP S/4 HANA 1610

Now, I will explain the follow-up work after installing S / 4 HANA.

S/4 HANA and ERP Ehp7 Previously, SAP ERP was installed, and then one Post-installation operation (post-installation procedure) was performed for each step. Starting with SAP Netweaver 7.4, however, the ability to automatically perform post-installation tasks has been added.

First transaction code : STC01  => SAP_BASIS_SETUP_INITIAL_CONFIG => Select the task you want to perform, insert the required variables, and execute. The configuration is completed in a few minutes.

The way I’ll explain here is good, but let’s take a look at what we need to do and explain what we’re doing.

Let me explain what you need to do after SAP S/4 HANA installation.

  1. SAP S/4 HANA and HANA DB License Installation.

If you are an SAP customer with S/4 HANA, you can go to the SAP Marketplace.

You can enter the license at

SAP의 transaction Code : SLICENSE will receive the requested certificate by mail. The certificate received by e-mail will be imported from T-code: slicense.

To install the license from SAP HANA DB, connect to HANA Studio and install the license.

In HANA Studio, select the SID, right-click and select Properties.

In the registration information, select the license on the right screen and click the License Install button to import the license file received by e-mail.

In the SAP HANA studio, right-click your <DB SID> system, and choose Properties. =>

In the Properties for <DB SID> window, select License, and choose the Install License Key button

  1. S/4 This is the basics of performing ABAP Configuration after HANA installation.

Transaction Code : Perform a consistency check after installation with SICK.

  1. Perform post installation for the change request to the transport.

Transaction Code : SE06 ->Select Standard Installation and click “Perform Post-Installation Actions”.

Only one system is installed, and a virtual system is created to connect the installed system (HVH) with the virtual system (DUM) and the transport route.

  1. When Operation modes are configure in the previous version (4.6C, Enterprise 4.7 version, ERP 2005). , the operation mode is used when there is insufficient H / W resources such as CPU and memory

However, Transaction Code: RZ04 can be set as Daily or Night mode.

  1. Logon group setting is used to perform load balancing function when logging in through SAPGUI.This is useful when you have multiple SAP Application Servers (PAS, AAS).

  1. It is a setting that prints through a personal PC (local) as a basic setting by the print setting. Transaction Code : SPAD

  1. An RFC Server Group setting is a way to set up an RFC group for efficient use of resources when interfacing with an internal deployment job or an external system.

Transaction Code : RZ12

  1. Finally, if you use multiple companies, such as affiliated companies, where you enter the address for the SAP ID, and you have the same SAP ID, you can set the address to distinguish it.

Transaction Code : SUCOMP