Buy SAP HANA Administration Books

Buy SAP HANA Administration Books

If you want to start studying the first SAP will see the book first . But when the search for SAP -related books to the bookstore or the Internet Browse the books in Hangul really hard.

I also started getting an education when exposed to the SAP at first , but found a book in order to further study the lack of it.

But these days you can see a lot of YouTube and online courses SAP ( Internet video lectures , but it also yeoseo lectures are conducted in English this is something we are not familiar with English it is also not easy.


Educational sites in Korean Language ( is parallel to the line and off-line but this also did a formidable tuition money out good. It is a training course to receive intensive training really well online can you get it? Maybe he listened holding doubts abandoned in the middle? The lift to raise anxiety.

So if there is no effect consumed money to get an education, it is also not prepared to get such a situation to occur . So I do not know how to seondeut reluctant to apply for online training.

Now there is no choice but to introduce the contents of English textbooks in English are appearing in places that SAP Press commercially available SAP ‘d like to see the book, let’s introduce you how to buy it more easily.

How to buy two kinds of SAP books

  1. Buying a book from SAP press web site
  2. Buy the book at a discounted price from Amazon

SAP Press books appearing on the buying in this place ( Book prices is also a formidable amount . For example, let’s description of SAP HANA Administration.

Print edition is $ 69.95 with a paper is quite expensive at about ₩ 78,000 ( $ 1 = 1,100 won)

When such a paper print and e-book $ 79,99 hesitant about 89,000 is the fact jineunge Buy a circle.

If you know where they can live on SAP Korea minutes to 30 % discount on the price I could not buy a discounted price because this acquaintance.

So was the web site find out Amazon ( Let’s compare the prices with Amazon and SAP Press.

We will compare to buy SAP HANA Administration print version of the paper book

Where to buy Book prices shipping fee The total purchase price
SAP Press $69.95(₩ 78,000) $49.99(₩ 55,000) $119.94(₩ 120,000)
Amazon $45.21(₩ 50,000) $9.98(₩ 11,000) $55.19(₩ 60,000)

Shipping costs from SAP Press


Book prices and shipping on Amazon

Image-0009 Image-0011

We introduce the purchases made and shipped from the Amazon simply check.

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This had arrived in Incheon on 30 May. Expected to arrive home work 5 June. I am expecting to arrive well


The book arrived home on 1 June.


I arrived the book on 1 June after he had a little thing called purchased on 23 May, arrived safely home in 10 days