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SAP HANA hardware configuration

SAP HANA hardware configuration


HANA will be a lot of trouble if you need to establish how to implement it.

HANA hardware configurations exist in various conditions, and there are many difficulties in the selection of hardware and a variety of options exist. I will try to explain the worrying part is that much simpler here and have to choose what hardware (H / W) for installing SAP HANA.

SAP HANA is an appliance (appliance) when it was first introduced as a product development by combining hardware


  1. SAP HANA will be delivered in three types
  • 1)Appliance (Appliance) Delivery type

This form is in a state the software (S / W) is installed on a hardware (H / W) is in the form that the customer just the delivered product used as is. HAHA installations are also available in both SAP partners and SAP partners in the installation and configuration settings you need. So customers can use the product directly.

It was used to be delivered in a similar form BW Accelerator (SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator) is delivered in the form of Suse Linux appliance is installed as a H/W Blade server form.

For example, when you purchase your Apple MacBook Air products purchased be delivered to the OS installed on the PC at home , just simply use Press the power button.

The advantage of this form of the appliance is installed , because the H / W and S / W has the optimum conditions as CPU, memory, disk performance is that the configuration at the optimal level.

  • 2)Composed of TDI (Tailored Datacenter Integration) type

If an existing client is a hardware (H / W) that can be re- utilized it is the type used by purchasing the H / W ranges from a minimum of purchasing budget if the budget is insufficient to purchase a number of H / W.

This is a purchase H / W vendor, IBM, HP servers to the call and you need to use the traditional way to buy an existing SAP ERP 6.0 , such as the type used to install the OS (Linux), SAP HAHA.

This form is the form that install and configure all the details such as CPU, memory, disk, in the form of directly installing the client, HAHA fit your budget and choice.

For example, after ordering When purchasing a PC assembled PC with Intel CPU, 8GB of memory , such as a price I want to use my own form of installing Windows 7.


  • 3)Using the HANA in the Cloud

By using a form that uses HAHA from Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) is a form of pay -as- a certain amount of money per user on a monthly , daily, hourly . The SAP offering cloud services to yeoryeo forms such as Infra Services , HANA DB services , HANA APP services.


2. I will briefly describe the basic configuration that uses SAP HANA

To install HAHA DB I will explain in basic CPU, memory, disk, and network hardware and OS (Operating System).

CPU supports Intel Xeon CPU (E7 and E5) and IBM Power 7.

Memory is like OLTP SAP ERP is a 512 GByte OLAP and SAP BW , such as memory support 256GB.

OS has support for Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5. Does not yet support to UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris).

Network , you can use a 10GB or more Ethernets


3. HANA Sizing

HANA is mainly DB role using the In – Memory Memory is an important role.

While memory per CPU need some time to get the most out of your CPU usage to determine the use of In-Memory DB HAHA well implement shall perform the initial Sizing well

When the initial start HAHA DB Column (Row) table is loaded (roading) from disk into memory. And if the row (Column) table for the first time , the user is not loaded into memory, the search (select) is then loaded into memory.

Here we have to think about it is to use the CPU when the initial HAHA if you have the proper memory per CPU when loading a table loaded into memory from disk to memory.

But if you have more memory per CPU to use the CPU when working with a memory and the load is caused to the CPU. In contrast, CPU while using the memory when configured a small memory per CPU is not all used the state (Idle) will not be able to play with the best performance.

  • T-shirt Size (Standard method)
SAP T-shirt Size XS(Very small Size) S(Small Size) M(Medium Size) L(Large Size)
Compressed memory 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB
Memory on the server 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1024 GB
CPU Number 2 2 4 8


  • T-shirt Size (SAP Business Suite type)
SAP T-shirt Size L(Large Size) XL(Very Large Size) XXL(Very Very Large size))
Compressed memory 512 GB 1 TB 2 TB
Memory on the server 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB
CPU Number 4 8 8


See the following SAP Notes for more detailed sizing to calculate Sizing.

Notes has an attachment carried out under the program for BW, Suite calculated according to the size.

Note 1514966 – SAP HANA 1.0: Sizing SAP In-Memory Database

Note 1637145 – SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA: Sizing SAP In-Memory Database

Note 1793345 – Sizing for SAP Suite on HANA

Note 1872170 – Suite on HANA memory sizing



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