Third study session in the second half of 2017

Good morning? HANADB operator Park Sung-du.
HANADB will hold a third study meeting in the second half of 2017 as follows.

HANA DB, as well as many interested in SAP Basis, please attend.
We will conduct a study collection from August to September every Saturday (4 times a month).

1) Day: Saturday, August 12, 2017 10:00 to 13:00
August, September Every Saturday (8 times in total) Start study from 10:30
(The time may be changed due to a problem with the place.)

2) Place: One week before study will be announced
(Planned place: 3rd exit of Samseong station Exit 5 Magellan 21 austerium)
(Hyundai Department Store Trade Center across the street)

3) Operator: Park Sung-Du
(SAP BASIS 18 years experience, SAP Certified Technology Associate – HANA, BASIS, Oracle OCP)

4) Study contents

SAP HANA Installation and operation (2 months in total)
– Introduction to SAP HANA
– SAP HANA Architecture(Architecture, High Availability, System Replication)
– HANA hardware configuration(Memory, Disk)
– Understanding SAP HANA Memory
– SUSE 12 SP2 Linux Configuration and OS Installation(Partitioning, Software Selection)
– Installation HANA 2.0 SPS01(Lifecycle Management, hdblcm, hdblcmgui)
– HANA DB Stop and Start
– HANA DB backup and recovery
– HANA DB Update Revision(2.0 SPS01 -> SPS02) =>Flexible over time(Optional)
– SAP S/4 HANA 1610 Installation

5) Study progress method
Weekly knowledge of study subjects shared with each other
(The operator first shares the contents of the study after pre-sharing)

6) Notice for Participant Application **

(1) Please comment below or send me mail.
Please be sure to include your company name, name, and contact information when composing an e-mail.

(2) Limit the number of participants (6 ~ 8 people)

7) Only those who are active or planning to work in SAP freelancers (Basis)
Career management consulting is selected and consulted for free.
If you would like to expand your skills in SAP Basis, you can also apply.


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