Notice of the first study meeting in the first half of 2017


HANADB’s community operator Park Sung-du.

HANADB’s community will hold the first study meeting for the first half of 2017 as follows.

HANA DB, as well as many interested in SAP, please attend

1) Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 19:00 ~ 22:00
May Every Tuesday (4 times in total) Start study from 19:30
(Time may be changed due to problems with the place)

2) Place: One week before the study will be announced
(Planned place: City Hall Station Exit 7 Space Noah(

3) Operator: Park Sung-Du

4) Study contents
Implementation and operate SAP HANA
– Introduction to SAP HANA
– SAP HANA Architecture (Architecture)
– HANA hardware configuration (Memory, Disk)
– SUSE 12 SP1 Linux Filesystem Configuration and OS Installation
– Installing HANA DB 2.0

5) Study progress method
Share weekly knowledge of study subjects
(The way that the participant shares the study contents after pre-sharing by the operator first)

6) Notice for participation **

(1) Please comment below or send me an email.
Be sure to leave your company name, name, and contact information when you write.

(2) Limit the number of participants (6 ~ 8)

7) If you are not interested in participating but you are working in SAP freelancers (Basis) or planning your activities, please send e-mail to me ( and I will give you free advice and advice.

Thank you for your participation.

Thank you.


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