Installation of the SPS12 DB for SAP S / 4 HANA 1610 using GUI

Installation of  the SPS12 DB for SAP S/4 HANA 1610 using GUI

I will explain how to install HANA SPS12 for SAP S / 4 HANA as GUI (Graphic User Interface). It is the same as installing in command mode, but it will be installed as command line and GUI (Graphic User Interface) depending on which file is installed. Go to the installation path where you downloaded HANA DB SPS12. And executable files.

./hdblcmgui (HANA DB Life Cycle Manager GUI) in a terminal window. You should do this as root user.

1.If you perform hdblcmgui (HANA DB Life Cycle Manager GUI), the following graphic screen will be displayed. Select SAP HANA Database and click Next to proceed to the next step.

2.When you first install it, you will see Install New System. Select this and proceed to the next step.

3.Select the components to install and proceed to the next step.

4.Select Single-host System when installing on one H / W and select Multiple-host System when installing on two or more H / Ws. If you install it on 4 servers (H / W), you will select and install this Multiple-host System.

5.Enter SAP HANA System ID: HVD, Instance Number: 00 to install HANA DB. In the System Usage box, select “Production – System in a production environment” and an important part is Restrict Maximum Memory Allocation, which you can change after installation. This is a frequent parameter in the HANA DB, and it is often mentioned why it is important. The way to install now is to install HANA DB and ERP on one server (H / W) together, so I limited the memory of HANA DB.

6.Select the default value (default) to specify the location of the DATA volume and LOG volume of HANA DB, and click Next.

7.Below is the screen to specify the certificate. Click Next and proceed to the next step.

8.Check the <SID> adm user ‘s password and basic UID, GID, and Shell information to start and stop the HANA DB and proceed to the next step.

9.Enter the password of SYSTEM, the account of HANA DB’s Administrator.

10.Start installing the selected components. You can see progress more easily than command line by showing progress on screen.

11.All of HANA DB’s installation have successfully completed.

12.If the installation is normal, check if the HANA DB process is running by executing the HDB info command to check if the DB process is performing well.

Command : >HDB info  or >HDB proc


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