Method of Replication for SAP HANA

Method of Replication for SAP

This time, we will explain replication (Replication) How the way for SAP in a high availability (High Availability). And here I will explain Availability (HA) and beyond. If the Oracle database, etc. As with other HANA is also a service outage will have a significant impact on business. When customers believe buying clothes in a department store when a customer orders that order will be stored in SAP HANA. If the SAP HANA database eh If the problem can not be in the position to buy the company customers are able to sell goods is followed by the limbs that monetary damages and orders water should not lose the trust of customers. A problem is an example of the United States Air telta the data center power problem encountered situations plane does not take off.

Last August 2016 August 8 Monday, was down the computer systems of the US Delta Airlines. Was flying the plane over price 2100 in the aftermath of the computer-down stops across the board, the tens of thousands of tourists who ride the plane rolled a foot in the airport. People facing the news is confirmed schedule by connecting to the website of Delta Airlines. Everything is normal that people check the information is safely arrive at the airport, but realized that the website itself was jammed burst into rage.


The Scale-up, Scale-out configuration there is a way to configure a system with Scale-out cloning method described here System Replication methods. Storage replication (Storage Replication) In addition to the replication system is a method of cloning a replication solutions from storage vendors in a way that provides storage vendors (EMC, IBM, Hitachi, etc.)


I will explain how the SAP HANA HANA System Replication in the HA (High Availability).

1.The storage replication of HANA support a replication methods in HANA.

Storage replication method is that the story is replicated between servers and once NODE 1 NODE 2 times.

Storage replication solutions offered by SAP is not provided by the storage manufacturer (vendor). The replication is done using the storage replication solutions provided by the EMC, IBM, Hitachi.


2. How to clone a system of HANA. This is the storage replication and other methods as described above cloning method provided by SAP HANA. HANA System Replication is the way to do replication on HANA DB-level replication can not pay the extra cost of replication solutions.


3.We will explain in more detail how the System Replication, which provides HANA. When they configure the HANA DB configured as 2 System Replication Node 1 times (suse01) is always an Active state to provide services.
Node 1 = Primary time server = Active Server

Node 2 = Standby time = Secondary Server

If you have an IT (Computer) to describe a point is familiar with computer terminology for the term but that one who plays a Primary Server, Active Server, etc. H / W related to one previously described or difficult to understand for those terms. If you have any questions that I can easily point to parts not understand or to explain in writing, please ask replay at article


The above and further explained HA (High Availability) = high availability.
Primary servers will always state that provide services always inde Active state what it means haneungeot yinyamyeon. That server is the Primary state, which can be used by users to access. = Standby server and the Secondary server If a piece does not provide services Primary server problem occurs, always waiting for the server to use to replace its functionality.


There eoryeoulsu increased by placing the explanation easier to explain and carry with them a spare tire (Spare Tire) look at the cars in the car trunk. The spare tire is always put you in the trunk of a car failure think the Secondary server to be used as a spare tire and replace it with a puncture after one dog in the car trunk  four wheels.

But we are always waiting for a server to be used only when the Secondary server (suse02) Node 2 times cause problems with Standby server. If the Standby server is ten million won to go to the expensive equipment just waiting state will waste mountain equipment costs. In other words, just bought a high-end imported cars parked in a Mercedes-Benz E300 car garage, without the use at home Would not it a waste of money? So, if you are using a Mercedes E300 in the garage for other purposes, the problem is to use a device that replaces Primary server. The above figure is about using the Standby server with HANA QAS (quality) server.


This is compared to the contents explained how to use the method always used as the Standby Server and Secondary Server Secondary Server to QA (Test system) / DEV (Development).
If the Secondary server while normally used for QA quality (for testing), DEV Primary server development (PRD) The problem is to Secondary takes over its function.
This the Mercedes-Benz E300 is parking in the garage and car owners rearely use E300.  Thanks to borrow from others through Uber (Uber) app is how to use the (Share).

4.I will explain the necessary prerequisites for building HANA System Replication


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