I’ve explained that to install the last instruction on how to install the HANA HANA DB (Command Line) from DB installation. This time, I will explain how to install a GUI (Graphic User Interface). The same applies to installing the command mode will be depending on the file to launch the installation instructions to install anything haneunnya (Command Line) and GUI (Graphic User Interface). Maybe we can be much easier to install because there are values to be familiar with the Windows environment, you must enter haneunge installation while viewing the screen it appears on the screen.

  1. HANA DB SPS11 from the download location from installation directory , go to the installation path. And run the executable file the ./hdblcmgui (HANA DB Life Cycle Manager GUI) in a terminal window. Here you need to perform as root user.Image-0000
  1. Performing hdblcmgui (HANA DB Life Cycle Manager GUI) the graphical display will be floated as shown below. Select the SAP HANA Database and click Next (Next) to proceed to the next step.Image-0001
  2. When first installed, there is the Install New System appears , select it and proceed to the next step.Image-0002
  3. Select the component (Componets) to be installed and proceed to the next step.Image-0003
  4. Select the Single-host System installed on one halttaeneun H / W here and select the Multiple-host System halttaeneun installed on more than two different interpersonal H / W. When installed on a server 4 (H / W) will be selected and installed the Multiple-host System.Image-0004
  5. You need to install the 6.HANA DB SAP HANA System ID: Enter the 00: DEV, Instance Number. And it is an important part of inde Restrict Maximum Memory Allocation It is possible to install and after I change Image-0005
  6. To specify the location of the HANA DB DATA Volume LOG Volume and choose to leave the default input value (Default) , and then click NextImage-0006
  7. The following is inde screen to specify the certificate, click Next, and then proceed to the next step.Image-0007
  8. To perform the start and stop of HANA DB password and confirm the fundamental UID, GID, Shell information on the <SID> adm user and proceed to the next step.Image-0008
  9. Enter the password for the Administrator account of HANA DB SYSTEM.Image-0012
  10. Enter the password for the account XS Advanced Runtime Environment to support web environment HANA DB.Image-0014
  11. Select the required components of the XS Advanced , and then proceed to the next step.Image-0015
  12. Until now shows information about the selected component and the value entered to start the installation (Install).Image-0016
  13. Start installing the selected components. More than boyeojwoseo progress screen command (Command Line) You can comfortably check the progress.Image-0018Image-0019
  14. HANA DB has been installed in all of the well properly installed.Image-0021
  15. Once the installation is done properly the HDB info command to verify that the DB process done well , make sure HANA DB Process of the drive (running).Image-0022



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