Sizing for SAP HANA

Sizing for SAP HANA

I will explain to the sizing of SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance).

HANA of In-Memory Database consists of a Appliance form that combines the hardware (Hardware) and the software (Software).

Imposing advantage of HANA is to be analyzed in real time, and rapid transaction processing (Transaction). HANA will exists to preserve data when performing all business processes in memory , and the disk is protected data during the power supply is interrupted .

Perform all business transactions (Transaction) on the memory, because the CPU is responsible for performing the work operation (Calculation) when building HANA and attach a few CPU fit for our company , put a few GB of memory , our company employees without slow since the desired result to determine whether to process ( report ) HANA the sizing is applied to the element in building a middle ground HANA

Now to implement a HAHA DB best explained with respect to three methods for accurately sizing the hardware (H / W).


  1. HANA sizing using QuickSizer(


The sizing is out When the DATA input values required in the SAP site, how to size SAP products as a result of the traditional (CPU, Memory, Disk) sizing. This is to be entered in the expected these can be entered and how accurate value on the site to the sizing number that exactly  accurate sizing is the project expected to be the user , the expected order number , you can splice the same time , data that has this value is the number itself production and IT staff also impossible to correct H / W sizing about user number that realistically

But let’s briefly explain how to make a quick sizing sizing

Once when connected to the site ( to enter the ID / Password of the SAP Marketplace issued to customers will be able to come out with a sizing screen

In the below of the screen , you select the HANA Version. Classic Version is Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 , such as traditional methods of sizing in ways that were previously sizing method is simply to Classic Version. Here, we ‘ll select a HANA Version and sizing


If you enter a project name in the Project Name and choose the Create Project to create the new project will come out the details where you can enter the data necessary for sizing.


For BW powered by SAP HANA it will be explained first. HANA will be released as the first solution for the first time out for BW and for BW -intensive until now. This somehow BW ‘s report queries to when speed is an important factor because it is HANA solution before the BIA (Business Intelligence Accelerator) to popular who the customer BW on HANA for use in large rejection without it be a domestic environment , the BW on HANA is initially the situation is much the installation you are using.


Insert the following inputs that require inside a red border. For example , type the number of users per concurrent users (Concurrent users), and the user must enter the values required for the planned Screen (Plan steps / user) , such as sizing.


When sizing below to see the results of the button “Calculate result” and the results are out . This is a CPU XS ( dress size T-Shirt) by 12,000 SAPS figures are coming out to the AP server memory 199,680MB (199GB), DB servers 196,608MB (196GB).


If the result from the amount of memory and the SAPS these figures to spend on hardware vendors (IBM, HP, DELL) may be the H / W estimate for this figure. For example, if the results of SAPS figures send to the H / W vender, you receive the H/W Specs of IBM server model from IBM sales representative.


  1. HANA DB sizing using a specific script

This is how the DB -specific sizing only BW on HANA.

This method took notes for you as to how to use , but used in 2014 in less than precise measurements.

This method is a method of measuring the size of DATA level up when you switch to HANA DB in Oracle environments existing BW is installed.

For example, a method of switching the current BW server is installed in the BW 7.0 (Windows 2008, Oracle 10g) to BW 7.4 (Windows 2012, HANA DB) B. For measuring the level in the DB it can be used when switching to a pure Oracle DB to HANA DB.


Download the file attached to SAP Note 1637145 this method if the DB is running get_ora_win_size.sql Oralce have to do the sizing results

Here I will explain in Windows 2008 Server to have a measurement for Oracle 10g. Oracle without upgrading to the latest version can be migrated to BW on HANA


  • Download the zip attached to the Note.


Run the get_ora_win_size.sql in the attachment , you can calculate the size required when the BW are migrating from the Oracle 10g on Windows 2008 to existing BW on HANA.


  • Load_RowStore_List.sql located in the same directory as the sql in the attached file.


  • The partial change in the sql script ‘% dbs_ora_schema%’ as the schema owner SAPSR3 and save
  • The result comes running the script via SQLPLUS.



In the results table size is the size to be stored is stored in a Row 35GB, Column is 66GB. The size of the portions here are serious about the source DB Row Table and Column Table in the (existing BW).

RowStore Tables [GB]          ColumnStore Tables [GB]            Total Size [GB]

——————–              ———————–               —————

35.15                  66.68                               101.83


  • This result it should perform the calculation . The formula to explain the below information.



The sizing formula is a little more complicated . However, we should not give up here. Would not exactly say that you can get the sizing right way beyond ?




  1. HANA sizing using the ABAP report



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