SUSE Linux configuration and installation

SUSE Linux configuration and installation

To install the SAP HANA first select the Operating System (OS) , you must configure the file system accordingly.

HANA DB OS is now possible to install only because Linux Windows or UNIX, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Oracle Solaris is not yet supported.

That , as well as for anyone who needs to install HANA If you have any questions what happens on earth is the HANA DB is installed must have a memory. I played CPU 1 dogs test results , has become HAHA DB SPS08 is installed in memory 32GB. In other words , if you can only install a 32GB memory HAHA DB.

  1. Linux can install and support SAP HANA is a SUSE Enterprise Server 11, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5.

It can be widely used , and companies that install the new HANA to have been selected to install OS with SUSE Linux.

SUSE Linux has recommended SUSE Enterprise Server 11 SP3. SUSE Enterprise Server 11 SP2 that has the bug.

SUSE Linux also SUSE Enterprise Server 11 and SUSE Enterprise Server 11 for SAP installation is possible both SUSE Enterprise Server 11 for SAP. SAP is the basic package of Linux to additional elements selected by SAP HANA , you can do the installation .

You need to install additional packages from SUSE Linux SP1 or later, you can select the list below to install the OS. You must install the C compiler, gcc.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 higher

– Base System

– Help and Support Documentation

– Minimal System (Appliances)

– X Window System (only as an option, but we need at least the X11-server and X11-libs to run the grafical installer)

– Print Server

– SAP Application Server Base

– Web-Based Enterprise Management

– C/C++ Compiler and Tools

– Gnome Desktop Environment


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.5 higher (Support from HAHA SPS08)


  1. HANA의 Filesystem layoutImage-0000
  • HANA Installation directory(sapmnt)
  • /hana/shared/<SID>

(The directory where SAP Kernel programs are executed (exe), globally shared data (global), instance profile (profile), HDB executable file (HDB <00>) is a directory.

  • /hana/shared/<SID>/hdbclient

SAP HANA is a Client installation directory.

  • / hana / shared / <SID> / hdbstudio, hdbstudio_update HANA host video installation and updating directory
  • System Instance directory
  • /usr/sap

Local SAP system is the instance directory / usr / sap / <SID>, / usr / sap / hostctrl directory.

  • DATA directory
  • /hana/data/<SID>

DATA directory that contains the HANA

  • Log directory
  • /hana/log/<SID>

Log directory of the build-up HANA


  1. HANA DB SPS09 directory Sizing

HANA , where we will install a minimum capacity needed to install the HANA DB.

When installing SuSE linux when you install the file system of the OS (Operating System) to know how much capacity should be calculated .SAP the product as well as when you install the Oracle General to calculate the capacity needed in advance when installing the OS (Windows, UNIX , it will install Linux).


Install the hardware (H / W) to install on one server HANA (Single host) haneunnya , you can choose to do the installation on multiple servers (Multi Host).

To increase the CPU, memory on a single server, it is called Scale-Up ( scale-up ).

To continue to add servers with the same CPU, memory, servers Tathagata called Scale-Out ( scale out ). Scale-Up, we will additionally discuss the Schle-Out.



Mount Point Minial size Actual size
SWAP 2x RAM size 64 GB
/ 10 GB 30 GB
/hana/shared 5 GB 5 GB(Does not separate partitions)
/hana/shared/<SID> 1x RAM size 50 GB
/usr/sap 50 GB 50 GB
/hana/shared/data 3x RAM size 200 GB
/hana/shared/log 1x RAM size 50 GB

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