Installiation of SAP Fiori on S/4 HANA 1709

I will show you how to install SAP Fiori version 4.0 on SAP S/4 HANA 1709.

SAP is promoting with the term Fiori. As the age of mobile changes, SAP has to cope with it, so it is natural to see that it does not lag behind IT flow.

Here is a brief description of what is called Fiori and how to install it.

Let’s start with Fiori in SAP.

1. Fiori, which SAP says, is HTML5 that is used in real UI technology.

That is, Fiori = HTML5. Describing this descriptively, the user interface (UI) technology of SAP Fiori is SAPUI5. This SAPUI5 is HTML5 at SAP (UI Development Toolkit for HTML5).

Fiori <= SAPUI5 <= HTML5

HTML5 is an HTML language that users can implement in all environments (mobile, tablet, PC environment). There is a limit to cope UI environment with SAPGUI that is used in PC in case of increasing mobile environment in SAP. We support the environment.


2. The SAP Gateway communicates with the user interface (UI) and SAP ERP.

3. Let’s take a look at Fiori’s System Architecture. Fiori’s structure differs from other Web Application Servers (WAS), WebLogic and Zeus Web Server, in that the Frond-End Server rises above the SAP AS ABAP Stack.

4. The current installation is a configuration in which Frond-end System and Backend System are installed together on one server. In the actual operating environment, the frond-end system and the backend system should be installed separately and configured to handle Web browser (IE, Chrome, Safari) requests by distributing the load for the client requests.

5. We will install Fiori on S / 4 HANA 1709 in earnest.

Until December 2016, when you tried to download SAP Software Component, Solution Manager had to be installed. Solution Manager is a way to make use of the old Solution Manager 3.1 version of the emphasis on the use of seminar I did not use. So, I recently installed Solution Manager 7.1 to install Solution Manager in order to receive support from SAP.

We applied the SAP Support Package using SAP Solution Manager 7.1, Maintenance Optimizer. Now, we have moved the maintenance optimizer functionality of Solution Manager to SAP Support. The URL below is that address.

6. The screen to select S / 4 HANA 1709 to install is displayed. Here you first enter the SID you want to install the S / 4 HANA, select Install a SAP S / 4 HANA and select the lower version 1709.

7. Choose the S/4 HANA 1709.

8. Software File When this selection is complete, download xml. Then download the selected file in the Download Basket.

9. Now let’s log into Client 000 with SAPGUI and add-on Fiori.

10. Executing a Transaction SAINT and upload the downloaded xml file.

11. Click Continue to proceed with the Fiori Add-on.

12. The add-on Fiori 4.0 on S/4 HANA 1709 now has completed successfully.

13. Now, log in by typing the URL for connecting to Netweaver WAS as below.

The below URL Address for Fiori Launchpad




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